Week in Review: World Still On Fire

JT Scott | 06/22/2020 | 4

Look, whether you’re noticing that kpop stans and tiktok teens are a leading news story, or just figuring out that coincidentally fireworks are going off starting at 8:46 every night lately, or recognizing that policing is still an expression of structural racism in America, or that CrossFit as a brand is still melting down… the world is still on fire.

That’s fine. We’re still here for you.

For our part, we’re still programming workouts and engaging in the long slow process of changing over names while we figure out what a re-opening looks like. There’s a surprising amount of paperwork that comes along with changing your name, as literally any of your trans friends can tell you.

Today I went out and painted over the letters – a fun little “father/daughter project” for Father’s Day made possible by Augie going out and getting a color-matched gallon of masonry paint for us. What will our next name be? I dunno, but I’m tempted to just grab a pint of black and throw “BLM” up there until we figure it out and re-open.

Speaking of which, I know we’re overdue on getting a survey on that (and other topics) out to you. We’ll get to it. If you are curious as to what we’re doing in the meantime you can check out the social event of the season on Wednesday night or reference the first paragraph of this blog post. In terms of re-opening, gyms are pretty much last on the list everywhere (unless you’re this guy and lord knows we ain’t him) and we’re still figuring out what a safe re-opening means. For now… let’s stick to the Work-From-Home workout shall we?

The workout today is an incredibly fun little ditty put together by Nelly! If you’ve been in one of my classes you’ve probably had the joy of one of my “medball pushup” warmups. The workout today includes “offset pushups” – which can mean having one hand forward and one hand back as in this video but in our context more commonly means “one hand elevated on a medball”. Now I don’t expect you to have a medball with you, but you can put a hand up on just about anything… and get your chest to the ground, unlike the guy in this video.

It also includes tuck jumps, which will also be familiar to people who love my warmups. 😉 Burpee into a big jump where you tuck your knees all the way up until your kneecaps hit your chest… what could be finer?

I’m serious when I say that this looks like a great workout that I’m looking forward to hitting tomorrow. Thanks for being out there keeping yourself, your loved ones, and all of us in the community safe. We miss you, we’ll see you soon enough, and in the meantime we’ll keep sh*tposting on social media as a display of our affection. (Every time Augie posts a meme on FB, an angel gets its wings.)

5 offset push-ups
10 burpee tuck jumps
15 Deck Squats

4 comments for “Week in Review: World Still On Fire

  1. Heather Jacques says:

    Thanks for the updates, JT! Super cool/weird to see the gym sans CFSV sign. The BLM placeholder definitely has my vote!

    This was a great start to the week!

    WOD: 6+8 with offset push-ups using a kettlebell. Worked out great!

  2. Daniel S. says:

    Look forward to seeing everyone sometime soon!

    6 even. Had to sit-ups instead of deck squats the last two rounds because of dog interference.

    Great start to the week indeed.

  3. Robin K. says:

    Yuck. This felt terrible and all-around awkward for me today. I think around 5-something rounds. Weirdly, the deck squats were worse than the burpees?

  4. Bill Shoesmith says:

    Phew, those deck squats really slowed me down.
    WOD: 4+13, offset pushups using Sonos play:5

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