Curtsy Courtesy

JT Scott | 06/28/2020 | 3

Just cause Nelly made fun of me in the blog last week, I’m not gonna post a wall of text today with commentary on the world around us. (j/k you can’t stop me it’s actually just that I’m way too busy with the enormous challenges of this fiscal year’s city budget and the mass calls to defund police to write a long screed tonight)

So imma just highlight two movements in Monday’s workout that may be less familiar to you, and why they’re pretty cool.

First off, the “curtsy lunge“. It’s like a back-stepping lunge, but you sweep that foot across the back to get a little off-axis stimulus. Y’all have heard me talk lots about how CrossFit tends to produce Mustangs – big powerful rear-wheel-drive, but not much cornering stability. This is a nice twist (see what I did there?) that adds a frisson to the standard fore-and-aft lunge. For today, step FORWARD into that regular lunge, then don’t let your foot touch down as you come back through center and down into that “curtsy lunge” on the backstep. 10 times each leg is going to be plenty spicy.

Secondly: the single legged glute bridge. That video is a fine example, but what I want to point out here is the cool utility of having your raised leg FULLY EXTENDED. For those of us with super tight quads (self included), keeping that leg elevated and extended can be a bigger impediment to doing good Pistols than raw single-leg strength. If you pay attention to keeping your knees at the same place throughout the motion and keeping that raised leg perfectly straight, you’ll get a neat and very different workout on each leg!

Yes, this is technically a “for time” workout – and don’t lollygag through it by any means – but if you don’t rush the technique here you’ll get a lot out of it!

6 Rounds
10 lunge to curtsy lunge (each side)
10 air squats
10 single legged glute bridges each side
10 situps

3 comments for “Curtsy Courtesy

  1. Robin K. says:

    24:19. Great all around lower body work out. I thought the lunges would be the worst, and they definitely got hard in the last couple of rounds, but I felt those glute bridges immediately! Thanks JT

  2. Jack H. says:

    19:25. To call 10 lunge to curtsy lunges per leg spicy is like calling the Carolina Reaper spicy. These wrecked me.

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