Annie, are you okay?

coacholiverphd | 07/07/2020 | 1

You got this!

Hello again my friends!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and getting outdoors and enjoying the summer as best as possible. Admittedly, I spend far more time in front of my laptop (and multiple screens) than I would like and less time hitting it hard. But like all of you, I’m trying my best to stay active and maintain some level of fitness.

I get that we’re not always motivated, I get that some days we’d rather just have beers. I get that some days it’s just hard. We miss the old normal. We’re adjusting to the new “normal” that evolves by the minute. I get that. We all get that. And that’s okay!

Because whatever that new normal looks like, we get up every day and put in our best effort! We live to fight another day. And perhaps it’s a bit cliche but for me there are lessons I’ve learned in my time in this space and as part of this community that motivate me to keep at it -all of it. Even on days where I have zero interest in crawling out of bed and spending hours upon hours on video calls.

(If we were together at 5:30 AM I’d tell the story of how I resisted video calls for a very long time and was finally pressured by a member of the management team. Of course, I had my hair in braids and was wearing a workout tank top AND was in my office closet horrified that other members of senior management commented on the clothes behind me – including the sparkle dress). But I won’t because we will be together at 5:30 AM again. 🙂

Today’s WOD should look pretty familiar. Annie with a twist. Get out there before the rain!

Miss you all, my friends!!

“Annie on the Run”
For time:
Run, 800 m
50 Double Unders
50 AbMat Sit-ups
Run, 400 m
40 Double Unders
40 AbMat Sit-ups
Run, 200 m
30 Double Unders
30 AbMat Sit-ups
Run, 100 m
20 Double Unders
20 AbMat Sit-ups
Run, 50 m
10 Double Unders
10 AbMat Sit-ups

1 comment for “Annie, are you okay?

  1. BenB says:

    Nelly, you’re a smooth criminal.
    I didn’t do this but I did:
    run 3.5M
    5 rounds:
    10 push-ups
    10 ring dips
    and then I couldn’t stop sweating for a solid hour after….

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