Welcome Back To The Friday Grind!

Augie | 07/23/2020 | 1

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there! It’s Friday which in a different time was a magical day full of promises of things to come. Now, in this Phil Connors-esque realm, where we seem to live the same day over and over, Friday is more like Monday 5 of 7. To me, sometimes it feels like a grind, but don’t fret! As the ancient eastern fable goes, ” این نیز بگذرد ” (AKA: This, too, shall pass) and we will all be back together, having fun and getting fit!

Today, in honor of “The Grind” I present you with a fitting WOD:
FOR TIME – 100 Burpees! YESSSSSSSS!!

First, let’s get in a bit of mobility:
for 45-60 seconds EACH SIDE where applicable, do the following:
– R/L Door frame shoulder stretch
– Hamstring Stretch (Standing or Seated, what feels more stretchy?)
– Squat hold w/ movement back and forth (warm up/stretch the hips)
– Seated lower back stretch

For a Warm Up:
2 X through:
– 10 Push Ups (scale as needed)
– 10 Squat to Plank (Keep hands in place and jump feet in to squat position and out to full extension, plank position)
– 20 Sec Plank hold
– 10 Mtn Climbers
– 10 Jumping Air Squats

For the WOD, make a space where you won’t be impeded in the Burpee movement. Grab some water, get a towel, buckle up and knock it out!
For this, start with small sets which you can keep going. 10 sets of 10? 20 sets of 5? Do what you need to do to get it done, but remember YOU NEED TO DO IT!

Burpees make you better at everything. You’re welcome!
Post your time in the comments below. If you don’t post your time, just post a note to say hi and let us know how you are. We miss your faces!

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  1. Daniel S. says:

    I just did this workout. It was about 20 minutes; between sets of ten I played with dog. Then got back to work.

    Let’s bring back the Friday grind!

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