Might as well jump

coacholiverphd | 07/27/2020 |


I hope at least one or two of you appreciates the amount of time I spend thinking about how to tie a song lyric or title that makes some sense into the blog title. 🙂 I should probably put similar effort into that project plan I’m supposed to be working on but this is way more fun.

I know you everyone misses barbells and kettlebells and DBs but I’ve been excited to see how creative you all have been! I tried one of these with a BARELY heavy backpack and it was a sad sad showing. So you remember, whatever you’re doing, you are crushing it! You’re showing up, doing the thing, putting in the effort, possibly even smiling during it! You guys rock!

So, in this world where we don’t have perfectly shaped weights at our disposal we have you filling grocery bags or backpacks with cans or boxes of pasta (we know you have those!) or books or whatever you can find and carrying them like you would 2 KBs or 2 DBs. Enjoy friends!

Fill two recyclable grocery bags to a weight that feels moderately Heavy, then:

10 RFT
Farmers Carry up/down 25-30 steps*
10 jumping air squats

*Simulate 3rd floor walk up