Push It!

coacholiverphd | 07/28/2020 | 1

The OG CFSV chickens….

You guys! I’m digging deep for these song-related blog titles. And I have to say, I’m amusing myself.

How is everyone’s summer going? How goes the retesting??? I know it’s hot, but we still have to put the work in.

Take some time today to get some mobility in before the WOD. Start with a shoulder stretch on the floor – the one where you lay on your stomach with your arm out to the side and roll in the opposite direction until you feel a nice stretch. I love this one!

Then get in a runners stretch, hamstring stretch and calf stretch. Try to hold each of these for 30-60 seconds. If you’re feeling frisky warm-up with a run! Carry an object on that run if you’re feeling REALLY frisky!

The workout itself is pretty straighforward – burpees, push-ups and sit-ups. Challenge that push-up scale! And really, who doesn’t love a descending ladder?

Rounds for Time:
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Rep

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  1. Jack H. says:

    Modified for fun…

    Chin ups
    2x Push-Ups
    3x Sit-Ups
    Time: 17:29

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