Ending July like a BOSS!

Augie | 07/29/2020 | 6

Like this, but with a mask!

Hey there two people still reading the Blogs! I hope you’re having the best summer possible and I am in AWE that it’s the end of July! Time flies when you’re in a pandemic lockdown, damn.

Today, in this glorious weather, we’re coming out swinging with a retest of our “Partial Murph”, so find your mile course and let’s get down to business. If you are recovering from an injury and cannot run the required 2 miles, then options are:
– Scale the run accordingly (Don’t make it ‘easy’, make it doable)
– Run a shorter distance
– Walk the full distance
– Combo run/walk full distance
– Substitute a different form of Cardio
– Row (if you have a rower 6,000M is a nautical mile)
– Bike (biking has a 3:1 ratio for running, so 2 x 3mile bike rides)

For the “Between run movements” we’ll stick with the basics: 200 Push-ups and 300 Air Squats. Be sure and scale accordingly so you can get these all done!

For your mobility:
30-60 Seconds Each:
R/L World’s Greatest Stretch
R/L Floor shoulder stretch
3x Rag doll

You DEFINITELY got this, so let’s get to work!
“Partial Murph”
1 mile Run
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile Run

6 comments for “Ending July like a BOSS!

  1. Jon says:

    Still here! Still recovering from an injury, though, so I’ve been pretty quiet. Thanks for keeping this going!

  2. Nadav says:

    I’m still reading the blog. Thank you for writing it!

  3. BenB says:

    Yea, I mean I never actually do the workouts (mostly kidding), but I still read the blog. Thanks everyone!!

  4. Caroline says:

    Love the blog – have been doing these workouts in the house for the past few months – thanks! Crossfiit noob!

  5. Jack H. says:

    Also still here! I’ve been doing the workouts and mixing in my own combo of stuff that I’m making up as I go. Honestly, it’s been the most consistent I’ve been with working out in years.

    Skipping this one but continuing to check daily – thanks for putting out great workouts!

  6. Bill Shoesmith says:

    Still here as well! I did a scaled down version of this one on Sunday as I was reminded, I hate the heat (can’t wait for fall). 1 mile run, 100 push-ups, 150 squats, 1 mile run

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