First Friday in August!

Augie | 08/06/2020 | 1

Hey y’all! I’ve been on the Cape all week recharging the batteries a bit, but I have been doing workouts daily and hope you have been taking care of yourselves as well.

Today’s WOD is one designed to be done inside since it looks like there is a small potential of wet weather in the forecast, so let’s get into it!

Lets get those major joints ready to do some work with some mobility, so do the following:
10 Arm Circles Front AND Back – Start with thumbs up for the forward, beginning with the small circles and increase until you are moving at YOUR full range of motion. Then after your 10 forward, point the thumbs down and do the same backwards.
10 Pausing Air Squats – Set your squat stance (feet shoulder width apart) and send your hips back and down. Fight for that depth and keep your chest up. Spend some time in that position; move back and forth opening the hips.
For the next few moves, drop down to a high plank and hold it for 20-30 seconds. Then alternate bringing up each leg for 30 seconds of the Runners Stretch then into alternating each leg into the Pigeon Stretch for 30 more seconds.

For the warm up today, let’s be super efficient: EMOM 6 – do 5-7 burpees. this will definitely hit all the parts and leave you ready to take on the WOD.

For today’s work, we’ll take on the following in an 18 Minute AMRAP.
18 Skater Hops (9 on each leg), 10 Table Rows (find a sturdy surface you can pull up to like a deep ring row), 8 Deck Squats (RX+ make these Pistol Squats (4 per leg, alternating)).

This one is long so pace yourself and get after it! Once you’re done, have a great weekend and do something fun.

18 skater hops
10 table rows
8 deck squats or pistol squats

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  1. Daniel S. says:

    If you are in the pic, you have to do the workout?

    I did about 6 rounds, but modified:
    * 10 table rows = 10 upright rows with KB + 10 push ups.
    * 8 deck squats = 8 air squats + 8 sit ups.

    Definitely some pauses between rounds. Thanks Mike and I hope everyone is doing well.

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