Present Tense

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March 13, 2020

Hello friends!

How goes the 2nd time around this cycle? Are you seeing improvements in some areas? Coming across things you’d like to put more work into? Do you wish I’d stop asking questions? I get it. It continues to be a strange time and yes, as JT mentioned in his blog last night, the world is still a very different place than it was even when the photo above was taken.

Let’s not worry about what time of day this photo was taken. What matters is that you guys are amazing and one of you knew that this may very well be the last time we’d be together for a while. So you brought us a special treat and we toasted to so many PRs and to friendship and to the safety of this place we all love so much. And we promise we’re working on finding a way to get folks back in safely!

But as challenging as things may be it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to take care of ourselves. And what better way to improve your physical and mental health than to dive into an AMRAP focused on upper body movements!

Here’s a warm-up to consider:
Arm circles f/b
michael phelps ( )
floor shoulder stretch
tricep stretch
15 jumping jacks
15 burpees
10 inchworms in place X2

For the WOD, focus on form for all of these movements. For the push-ups maintain that plank, keep those elbows in, squeeze all the things and bring that chest to the deck. For the dips, when triceps break 90 degrees press through the chest and triceps back to your starting position. Stay active in the shoulders for the rows and the press. And have fun!

Don’t forget to tell us how you did. We may not always reply but we read all of your responses and it makes us smile. 🙂

5 Push-Ups
10 dips
5 Rows (table, or bent over rows with household item)
10 press (with that same household item)

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  1. Jack H. says:

    Made some small variations

    AMRAP 15
    5 push ups
    10 chair dips
    10 Rows (20lb DBs)
    6 shoulder press (20lb DBs)
    Score: 11+29

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