When they do the double dutch, that’s them dancing…

coacholiverphd | 08/24/2020 | 1

Okay friends, you’re right. I’m totally reaching here. Double dutch isn’t exactly the same as double unders but they do both involve jump ropes and coordination!

Maybe you haven’t been working on those dubs. Well here’s your opportunity! For the odd minutes of this EMOM we’re getting upside down! Pick your poison: Do 2-5 handstand push-ups, a wall walk or 30 second handstand hold.

For the even minutes give me 45 seconds of double under attempts. Maybe you’ll get a whole bunch or maybe you’ll get one or two – either way here’s your chance to just work on it, wherever you are. And I assure you, none of us are where we used to be. But we keep after it – we try to motivate each other as best as possible while missing the community we’ve built and the solidarity of knowing someone is in the room suffering with you.

But until we can get there, know that we may not be in the same room but we are always with you!! And that my friends, might be one of the cheesier things I’ve written in a public forum. That’s how much I love you guys. 🙂

Oh, bonus points if you leave a comment about whether or not you’ve ever played double dutch!

1) 2-5 HSPU or wall walk or 30 sec hanstand hold
2) ME dubs (45 sec)
Post total # of dubs for score

1 comment for “When they do the double dutch, that’s them dancing…

  1. BenB says:

    I miss double unders! I’m ropeless and ceiling-full! I did coincidentally do some HSPU work though. All in all I did:
    Warm-up/strength: 3-4 turkish getups per side (1.5 pood KB), 4×30 secs handstands and some negatives
    Cardio: 3k row (11:57)/ rest 3 minutes / 2 M run (19:01)

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