Big Things Poppin

JT Scott | 08/31/2020 |


Check the calendar. I’ll wait.

Alright, what does that mean? It means we are going to open, in a new kind of way.

We have been approved to make our workout equipment available on a single-occupant basis to a small number of people who were existing members prior to COVID closure in mid-March. For the safety of us as operators and our members, the intention is to have ONLY ONE PERSON at any time present in the facility, including employeesAt no time will there be more than one person in the building.

Access to the facility, which will be locked at all times, will be via a key secured in a number-coded secure lockbox attached to the exterior wall of the building or via their own personal keys. Time slots will be managed via our online ZenPlanner reservation system, so that we will know at all times who was present in the facility in the event that contact tracing or notification is needed; however, with no in-person contact possible we believe that eventuality to be highly unlikely and would have do be due to surface-contact spread, which is not common.

You are already familiar with the facility and use of the equipment. You will sign a new waiver and be provided with a document detailing procedures (cleaning, lights, etc) while inside the facility and expectations of use. In addition, each member who signs on for this will undergo an individual orientation in what to do when entering and leaving the facility. My phone number will be prominently posted for any questions or concerns y’all may have; I live less than 400m from the facility and am always available to assist with any issue that might arise.

Each person using the facility will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entrance at the wash station directly inside the front door. Throughout the facility there are 6 spray bottles with a bleach/water mixture paired with a roll of paper towels. used to sanitize any surface or equipment touched both before and after use; these cleaning stations are set up next to the primary equipment used by people in the facility (dumbbells, barbells/weights, pull-up rack, medicine balls, rowers, and plyometric boxes). Upon leaving, the last step will be to wash hands once again prior to leaving. Signs will be posted on each individual piece of equipment or workstation as well to remind users of their obligation to sterilize each thing they use, examples attached. 

Our facility is primarily comprised of ~2500 square feet of open garage floor, serviced by 2 rooftop ventilation fans which each are rated for over 1000 CFM airflow and a duct booster rated over 300CFM. At a 15 foot room height, the volume is 37.5k cubic feet, which is completely cycled with fresh air in less than 15 minutes. It will be vital to make sure those fans stay on, for everyone’s safety. 

Appointments will be scheduled for one hour of facility use, with 15 minutes between appointments to allow all of the air in the facility to fully cycle before any other person arrives. We will be posting daily WOD recommendations, though of course it’s up to you what you do while you’re there!

Each morning before the first appointment block, one of the coaches will be there to wipe down all bathroom surfaces, entry door, and lockbox. We will also check the facility to ensure that all supplies (bleach, wipes, paper towels, etc) are stocked and that the ventilation system is still active, leaving the facility 15 minutes before anyone arrives.

To re-emphasize, we are not seeking to re-open for group classes or even for Personal Training. Our intention is to allow our equipment to be used by people on a single-occupant basis, effectively renting our facility hourly to a select group of private members on a locked, key-access basis.

I don’t know how long any of this will last – but for now, we can offer this. If you’re interested, please send us an email to and we’ll get back to you ASAP. My hope is that we’ll have you back and working out in the box by the end of the week!