All The Dynamic Hip Work!

Augie | 07/19/2021 | 1

The Clean & Jerk will make you jump, jump!

Get ready for some fun because today we will be doing a lot of work using dynamic hip extension!

For the strength part of class we will work on the Push Jerk building the weight for each set of 5 reps. This movement will allow us to expand on the strict dumbbell presses done last week by adding not just a dip and drive to push the weight off our shoulders, but also a re-dip to catch the weight as it moves up to a fully locked out position. These additional pieces being added to the movement simply means you’ll be able to go heavier than you can with that simple, strict press.

After that, we will take the weight down to something you find moderately challenging (RX 95/65) and add the power clean to the Push Jerk in order to have the full Clean & Jerk movement for the WOD. We will briefly go over the points of performance to get the barbell from the floor to the front rack position, so you can then apply the push jerk work you did earlier.

The second movement for the WOD will be the box jump, which also relies on a dynamic hip extension to propel you through space and time from the floor to the top of the box. All in all, you will get plenty of opportunity to experience the explosive power of that movement, so get in, lace up, and lets get to work!

STR: Push Jerk

WOD: 21-15-9
Clean & Jerk (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20)

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  1. Jon says:

    Str: 145#
    WoD: 9:13 @ 75#, 24″

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