Thursday 10/21/21 – It’s about to get real

Augie | 10/20/2021 |

Hello intrepid adventurers! Today, we will boldly go to the dark place where those things you fear live. Remember, though, that courage is not the absence of fear, it is putting the fear aside and doing the job. And today your job is Thrusters and Wall Balls, so buckle up!

First, for strength we will be working on building sets of three thrusters. This is a quintessential CrossFit move that we usually shy away from because it’s hard, but just take it on and build to something that you find challenging, not difficult. We will work on this move because it consists of moving a load from a squat position, through a dynamic hip opening to drive it off our shoulders, into a fully locked out over head position. And that is a great warm up for the WALL BALL!

When we get to the WOD, it will be using this same movement but with a much lighter load with the workout KAREN, which is 150 Wall Balls for Time. The RX weight is 20/14 which should be significantly lighter than the weight you worked on with the thruster. All in all, this is not an easy day which will probably reside WAYYYY outside your comfort zone. You’re welcome. That’s where the magic happens.

STR: Thruster
3-3-3-3-3 Building
WOD: Karen for time
150 Wall Balls (20/14)