Tuesday 11/16/21 – Double Under Work & Open WOD 21.1

Augie | 11/15/2021 | 1

We are back to the double under today, still focusing on the mechanics of the movement. As you work on your dubs, remember that you MUST KEEP YOUR ELBOWS CLOSE! By locking in the elbows, it keeps the arms in a stable position. To move the rope, it is a simple flick of the wrist, not a wild flailing of the arms as you attempt to escape the pending cold for a warmer climate (That is a reference to you looking like you’re trying to fly south for the winter…by flailing your arms wildly ICYMI).

When you have a dialed in scale for your dubs for the day, we’ll take that movement and add it to the CrossFit Open Workout “21.1” which is an ascending ladder of both Wall Walks and Dubs. It starts small and gets fairly big, but the key here is you have a 15-minute cap, so get after it!

SKILL: Double Unders

WOD: CFG 21.1 (Time cap: 15 min.)
1 wall walk
10 double-unders
3 wall walks
30 double-unders
6 wall walks
60 double-unders
9 wall walks
90 double-unders
15 wall walks
150 double-unders
21 wall walks
210 double-unders

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  1. Jon says:

    WoD: 219 Rx (finished the 90 dubs, then did 10 wall walks)

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