Wednesday 11/17/21 – Squat Cleans

Augie | 11/16/2021 |

Today we’re taking on the second squat movement of the week with Squat Cleans. A more dynamic movement than front squats, you now have to get the weight from the floor to the front rack and then stand it up.

After this work, the WOD is a straight forward EMOM for 16 minutes using the Clean, Burpees over your rower, and calorie row. The 4th minute of each round is rest, so use it and then get back to it in the next round.

The score for this WOD will be the TOTAL CALORIES ROWED, so keep track on a handy dandy white board.

STR: Squat Clean EMOM 15 3-3-3-3-3 Building

A) 4 cleans (115/85)
B) 8 burpees over rower
C) ME calorie row =score
D) Rest