Tuesday 11/23/21 – Getting Gym-Nasty with Toes To Bar and Dubs

Augie | 11/22/2021 |

Athletes Mike F., Ana, and Ben B. stringing together toes to bar.

Working on our core strength today with Toes-to-Bar as we focus on this elusive movement. This is a great exercise in mastering the kip technique, which allows this movement to be done easier and more efficiently. Bonus: This is the same kip you need to do Kipping Pull-Ups and Bar Muscle Ups, so really focus on getting it down.

For the WOD we will keep with the bodyweight / gymnastics movements in a descending ladder of Double Unders. Between each round, you will complete 10 TTB or an appropriate scale.

SKILL: Toes to Bar

WOD: For Time
Double Unders
* After each round, 10 Toes to Bar

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