Facility and Amenities

We have what we need

We’re not the fanciest gym in town. We’re an old-fashioned CrossFit Garage Gym with some new twists


  • Showers – stocked with soap, shampoo, and conditioner
    • gender-neutral, single-occupant, ADA-compliant
    • no towel service! bring your own and take it home
  • Bathrooms – three ADA-compliant¬†gender-neutral single-occupant bathrooms
  • Parking – lot with space for 10 cars, and ample street parking nearby
  • Storage – daily use cubbies for your personal effects, shared long-term cubbies for your dedicated lifting gear
  • Water – filtered bubbler with hands-free bottle filler
  • Heat – when it gets below 60, we can usually keep it around 60
  • Cleaning – bathrooms cleaned daily, gym floor scrubbed twice weekly
  • Weights and Stuff – it’s a thing. No treadmills, hashtagsorrynotsorry


Garage turned Box. 2500 square feet of open-concept gym floor space, over 14 feet clear to the rafters. 1200 sqft of bathrooms, showers, storage, and office. Plenty of ropes, rowers, bars, and bells for everyone.

We own the building and have no abutters. That means we have no problems with noise, or dropping weights, or generally doing CrossFit the way we want to… and the way it was invented. It also means you’ll never have to worry about your box moving or closing because some landlord decided to jack up the rent.

It’s a big concrete box with two 10×10 garage doors. During the winter it gets cold, and the gas blowers do hard work keeping the place at 60 degrees or so. During the summer it gets hot, and we open those garage doors to get a breeze. We’re humans, we adapt.

The back yard and rooftop are their whole thing. Check this link for more info.


Built in the late 1960s by Frank and Charlie Souza, our building was the home of Souza Foreign Auto for over 40 years before JT purchased it in 2011. You can see this legacy in the photos we took of the original establishment, and in the bones of the building – the old hydraulic systems still surge out of the concrete and crawl partway up our walls in places.

After purchase, JT extensively renovated to clean up the facility and bring it fully up to accessibility and building code requirements. Every year since, we’ve engaged in projects to keep enhancing the property and the neighborhood.


The Green Line Extension is coming to our doorstep, targeted for 2014 2016 2018 {insert your best guess}. The Union Square Station is planned for directly across the street from our garage door.

Understandably, this means our property is uniquely sited to be a future gateway to Union Square. We are excited about the prospect of future development on this site. We hope some day to build a 4-5 story commercial building here to host both CrossFit Somerville and other medical, health, and wellness related businesses.

It is our desire to continue to serve as a community center and hub for active and engaged humans, and we think the future is bright on this site for CFSV.