CrossFit Membership

During the course of your CrossFit Somerville membership you will learn and practice skills and exercises to increase your strength, agility, stamina, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, and power. We specialize in adaptation to any injury or physical impairment you may have- no matter what condition you’re in, we can help you move along your path to improved physical capability.

We have created an environment conducive to empowering you to choose the life you want to lead. This is not a place where we keep machines for you to use – this is a place where we help you turn your body and mind into a highly functional and efficient machine.

We will teach you skills, habits, and nutritional knowledge you will need to achieve revolutionary results and sustain a lifetime of fitness. Having said that, membership is going to be much more than a month at your usual “gym”… and much less expensive than hours of personal training at your current gym.

Mobility Hour

From 9-10 on Saturdays Nick will coach you through a mobility hour. We’ll be working on releasing what the week left in us and re-tensioning ourselves to be ready to work. Think plenty of MyoFascial Release (lacrosse ball type stuff) coupled with active mobility (like jefferson curls or weighted pike stretches). It’ll be a great way to get you ready for the 10am class if you’re looking to get your WOD on too.

Olympic Weightlifting

On Wednesday nights at 7pm, we offer a focused hour of Olympic Weightlifting instruction. This class is free to CFSV Unlimited members, and counts as a regular class or as a $25 drop-in.


On Wednesday nights at 7pm, we offer a focused hour of movement instruction led by Coach Nick Detar-Koch. This class is free to CFSV Unlimited members, and counts as a regular class or as a $25 drop-in for others.

During class we’ll be learning to control our bodies dynamically through multiple planes of motion.  Rather than building the capacity to do more reps of simple movement patterns, we’ll be working on applying our strength and skills to longer and more complex chains.  You might think of this as the difference between a gymnastics ring routine (something more akin to what our Gymnastics class was when it started) and a Parkour run.
To really embrace this concept, we’ll be taking class to the Fells!  Starting on 7/11/2018, for the nicer weather months we’ll be meeting at Bellevue Pond.  I’ll be driving from the gym at around 6:40 for anyone who needs a ride, otherwise feel free to meet there.  This change in setting will give us the kind of variety that is impossible in a room full of square edges and flat surfaces.  I have found great personal enrichment from training in this environment, and I’m excited to share the experience with you!  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Personal Training

We offer personal training to address a wide range of things that may fall outside of our other offerings. Click here for more details on how that works.