Covering more ground

07/27/2017 |

Broad jumps and pull ups are on the menu to start, getting us prepped and ready to lift heavy.

Pressin Bells

07/26/2017 |

Changing the object we lift can (and usually does) add all kinds of new challenge and value to common lifts.

Mobility Hour

07/25/2017 | 3

Yoga is staying on hiatus for the time being, but we’re going to fill the gap with a Mobility Hour starting in August!

07/23/2017 | 5

This was an awesome weekend, and I was glad to be with Christine (and Mel!) as she returned to the Bay State Games to test her lifts in a competitive environment. She had a good day and completed a total of Snatch and Clean&Jerk that matched her last year’s effort – while also having gotten […]

Bay State Games!

07/20/2017 | 2

Bay State Games are this weekend, and our very own Christine Lui will be competing!