Double Grace

09/18/2018 | 3

With a butt-load of running and some rope climbs for flavor.


09/17/2018 | 2

TEAM! If you’ve been with us awhile you’ll remember BEAR CRAWL SANDBAG DRAGS! Well guess what, we order more sand bags! Tomorrow we bring you a very Old School Nick WOD!             STR L-sit hang WOD AMRAP 12 5 Wall Burpee 50′ Bear Crawl SandBag Drag 10 Sandbag ground to […]


09/16/2018 | 6

Classic lift, classic rep scheme, and classic WOD format. It’s like #TBT on a Monday.

Get 4 rounds

09/13/2018 | 4

All you need to worry about today is getting 4 rounds.  Well, that and getting a bar over your head.