Light load, Long sets

06/19/2018 | 2

A light barbell is our charge today – but we’ll be contending with long sets.  Get those hips pumping and those cores cranking.

Rise and grind

06/18/2018 | 3

The intent of today’s workout is to keep moving. I feel like as your coaches we say scale so that you are constantly moving; alot. The programming is no exception. There are high volume pull ups, push ups, and squats in large sets waiting for you! The pull ups are meant to be completed in […]

Nate Lite

06/17/2018 | 4

Not a beer; it’s a shortened version of a Hero WOD to give us more time to work on building blocks for these high-skill, high-strength movements and set the scales appropriately.


06/14/2018 | 5

Here’s a second chance at this spicy triplet from a few weeks ago.  It’s a long one, and a great opportunity to see if you learned anything the first time (if you came in when we did it).