10/21/2019 |

Today’s focus is on controlling the decent into our squat.  Throughout this cycle we’ll be working on keeping our bodies loaded through what’s call the eccentric phase of our movements. This is generally the “down” part, and that’s exactly what we’ll see today.

Actual 20.2

10/17/2019 | 2

SQUAD! *heat times listed below I am back again here to talk with y’all about 20.2. It was so good to see all your comments last week! All is well here in SF except you all are not here! But I was pumped to see all your scores, last week was a doozy! Proud of […]

Retest: “Cindy”

10/15/2019 | 3

As we approach the end of this cycle we’ll be retesting the benchmark “Cindy” to at least partially see if all of our hard work on pressing/pushing is paying off. 

Doubling Down

10/14/2019 | 7

Missed us yesterday? No problem. We’re doubling up on the workout today.