10/23/2018 |

Not much says CrossFit like the combination 21-15-9.  From workouts like Fran or Elizabeth to the gym favorites like toes to bar and wallballs…

Constantly Varied

10/18/2018 | 2

In the true spirit of CrossFit, today we have a movement you probably haven’t seen before.  And while it might seem like it was my idea (it wasn’t), it’s no coincidence that it shows up on a day that I’m coaching.


10/17/2018 | 3

The work out includes large set of double unders, kettle bell swings, and burpees. The double unders are designed to be quick and get your heart  rate going. The kettle bell swings and burpees are interesting on your grip.  The strategy in this work out lies in breaking up your swings early and pacing your […]

Tight and fast

10/16/2018 | 1

Today is all about short bursts of power.  We’ll be starting with a power clean complex and finishing off with a sprint 21-15-9 that should be done before you know it.

Throw Back Tuesday

10/15/2018 | 5

FRIENDOS! We have a good one for you tomorrow. Disclaimer: I know this looks like it could be a Mel WOD but surprisingly this WOD was requested by Abigail and is a bit of a throw back wod! Just wanted everyone to know! For time: 100  Thursters (95/65) EMOM 5 burpee Alright, team! How to […]