On the Rule of Specificity

01/26/2020 | 1

One of Coach Michael’s touchstone references – what’s it about, and why is it relevant to today’s WOD? Check it out within.

Moving the Needle

01/22/2020 | 2

Want to improve your deadlift this cycle? Come to class today and get some work in! If you tested your one-rep max deadlift at the beginning of the cycle, today’s sets should be at 65-75% of that number. Otherwise, just find something that feels medium-heavy for five reps. For the workout, you’ll get to strip […]


01/21/2020 | 1

More barbell today, this time in the form of a complex.  Each strength set will have us start with three cleans and finish with two push press. 

Clean, Squat, Jump

01/15/2020 |

A lot on the menu for today; we’ve got some barbell work with power cleans, then an AMRAP 15 where we’ll get to play around with an unconventional kettlebell movement. For the barbell power cleans, today we want to keep building in weight across sets to find a tough triple. Reps do not have to […]


01/14/2020 | 4

We’re hitting some gymnastics strength and then a long different style of AMRAP with a little rest built in.