Annie, are you okay?

07/07/2020 | 1

Hello again my friends! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy and getting outdoors and enjoying the summer as best as possible. Admittedly, I spend far more time in front of my laptop (and multiple screens) than I would like and less time hitting it hard. But like all of you, I’m trying […]

Creeping Forward

07/05/2020 | 3

A cool single-arm WOD, and a bit of light regulatory reading for you this evening.

Missing You

06/30/2020 | 3

Hello friends! Before we get into today’s work, I just wanted to take a moment to recognize the amazing community we have here. While I wasn’t convinced I wanted to stay when I first joined (click here to read about how it took me a while to warm-up to this brand of fitness – […]

It’s Friday again, and when it’s Friday we go runnin’!

06/25/2020 | 5

Hey, hey, hey! It’s FRIDAY so let’s get masked up and go outside again for our daily dose of awesome fitness! Today’s WOD is going to take some time, but I want you to commit to the work. Get out and do the reps and the distances, the time doesn’t matter as long as you […]

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall

06/23/2020 |

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed Monday’s work from home WOD and JTs wall of words that included a photo of a wall without words. And of course I’m teasing and the truth is I’m just envious of him and Coach Michael and their ability to be so expressive in their blogs. I was the kid […]