02/19/2019 |

Traffic around Union Square is rarely what one might consider “fun”.  Starting today, however, there will be some new challenges getting to the gym by car (or bus).

Squats Squats Squats

02/14/2019 | 2

TEAM! Happy Friday! Here is what we got for you tomorrow – Strength:  Back Squat x2  WOD: AMRAP 10  35 double unders 10 push ups  10 sit ups  We will be getting good and heavy with our back squats. Then we have a quickie wod. I want y’all to be flying through this one. JT […]

Lats lats lats

02/13/2019 | 2

We have a pulling based workout for you today, and that means it’s going to be lat heavy…

Back to normal

02/12/2019 | 2

After a couple of not so normal days or workouts, we’re back on with a more traditional set up.  Today will have us doing some push press to start for strength as then moving into a sprint of a WOD.

17.1 retest

02/11/2019 |

Here’s another chance at a brutal WOD from the 2017 CrossFit Open.  It alternates between dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump overs… 

Moar Dumbbells!

02/07/2019 | 2

It is open season after all, and dumbbells have made a huge comeback in the last few years.  Today’s movement, the DB snatch, is a little more standard than the mixed carry we’ve been playing with.