Unknown / Unknowable (This week’s WODs)

11/28/2022 |

Hey Friends,A lot of you are asking what the workouts will be for the week. For the record, CrossFit lives by the concept of Unknown/Unknowable. This simply means that you should be prepared for anything that is thrown at you and take it to task the best you can; life does not have handles! If […]

Thanksgiving week 2022: Schedule and Programming

11/20/2022 |

Hi Team! It’s a holiday week and we won’t be running our usual schedule this Thursday or Friday. Instead, all those class slots will be converted to Open Gym – feel free to sign up and drop in for a workout, maybe some of your friends will be there too! Also, on Thusday morning at […]

Saturday Team WOD

11/18/2022 |

Hey Guys!! Coach Jozie here! I’m going to be away this weekend so while this Sunday’s Olympic Lifting Class is cancelled, but I’m still hoping that people come in to do the Saturday Sweat Session. SATURDAY WOD is called Lt Derek Hines and goes as follows: Partner WOD Buy in: 50 push ups50 sit ups 50 air squats  Then: […]

Halloween Week Programming

10/30/2022 |

Hey y’all! First! Tonight is the end of the CFSV Hoody order, so if you wanted one, but didn’t order, you have literally 5 hours or you’re OUT! Go here: https://www.customink.com/g/zaq0-00c1-v4hu There will be no yoga classes for the next two weeks, returning on Wednesday, November 16th. This week’s programming:MondaySTR: Warm up the movements WOD: […]

Weekly Programming and SWAG

10/24/2022 |

Hey friends! This week’s programming is below, but first we’re putting an order in for CFSV Hoodies. They look like the image below (Example in red) and you can order in the following colors: Black, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Red, Heather Gray, and Purple. Use this link (CFSV Hoody) and the price reflects a total […]

New Cycle and the Monthly Challenge for October

10/01/2022 |

Hey Squad! It’s time to start a new cycle, and for the next several weeks we will be focusing on increasing our Squat Clean with a secondary focus in Core and Pull Ups. Each week we will have two days that are focused on building strength and capacity for the Clean, a pull-up volume day, […]