CrossFit Open Fundraiser!

04/03/2020 |

Hey everyone, CrossFit has created a three-week competition similar to the Open as a chance to keep our global community connected AND provide assistance to the CrossFit Affiliates world wide! Check it out! First, this is a competition where you sign up with CrossFit here: 1) It is designed as a fundraiser with the […]

Friday is time for more push-ups! PSYCHE!!

04/02/2020 | 8

Hey everyone! Now that we are in day 4,567,893 of quarantine let’s continue to look around for ‘alternative movements’ and today we have a few cool ones, so put seatbelts on your eyes, because I’m about to take them for the ride of their lives! First, let’s take some extra time (it’s Friday afterall) and […]


04/01/2020 | 13

It’s a simple, no-equipment workout today. We’ve got push-ups, sit-ups, and (JT’s favorite movement) the tuck jump. Get those knees to your chest and stay springy! If you’d like to substitute the tuck jumps for something else (maybe it’s too noisy on your downstairs neighbors… maybe it’s a rough movement on your knees….), we suggest […]

Make your own sandbag!

| 3

Hello friends! Hope you’re all hanging in there. Miss seeing you all!! We hope you’re enjoying our wod from home programming but we get that bodyweight movements can get repetitive. Today’s workout (courtesy of Coach Michael) includes an item most people have at home – a backpack. Think of it like a sandbag – fill […]

Sprint ‘n Lunge

03/30/2020 | 10

Warm up: 3 rounds10 single leg toe touches (alt legs)20 jumping jacks8 half burpees (no push up):30 plank finish with 2 min couch stretch/ leg AHWOD: EMOM 14odd minutes: 200m run <or> :45-:60 of jump rope, mountain climbers or jumping jackseven minutes: 20 lunge steps

Let’s get upside down!

| 12

Hey Friends! Today we’re going to practice some static handstand holds coupled with air squats, so get ready! For today’s mobility, pick 2-3 each of the shoulder and hip/leg stretches we’ve covered in the last few weeks. You know the ones that work for you even if they’re not your favorite (yet). Do them for […]