10/19/2017 |

Tomorrow is Friday! Tomorrow is also toes to bar day! Kipping toes to bar will be the name of the game! We’ll be working on all the aspects of toes to bar for the bulk of class. Then we will take all that work and apply it to our work out.   STR: TTB WOD: […]

Speed Nancy

10/18/2017 | 2

Scaling properly isn’t about making the work easier for you.  It’s about making it easier for you to work harder.

Bear WOD

10/17/2017 | 1

CrossFit is all about finding high intensity with functional movements.  Sometimes those movements are pull ups, sometimes they’re box jumps.  Today, one of them is the Bear Complex.


10/16/2017 | 3

Keep your transition times fast and you’ll win the race against the clock.

Getting Our Goals

10/15/2017 | 3

A success story, and some thoughts on how we can help each other get to our own goals.

Sprint 6

10/12/2017 | 4

After building some confidence dropping under our snatch, we’ll be hitting a sprint interval WOD that should be easy to count.