Double WOD

04/18/2019 | 1

Squad… We have a double WOD for you today and there is no better way to start the weekend!     AMRAP 10  3-6-9-12 of  Wall Balls (20/14)   Burpees   200m Run    Rest 5:00 then… EMOM 10  12/10 cal row  This a lot of cardio team – you can do it. That is all 🙂 […]

Dead Stop

04/17/2019 | 2

We’re really getting after our core stability today, challenging our deadlifts with a pause at the knee as we left each rep. 

Splitting our Squat

04/16/2019 | 7

We’re working the unilateral again today, this time with a split squat.  This will resemble a lunge in many ways, but we’ll be holding our foot position until all three reps are done.

Get Low

04/15/2019 | 8

Here is what we got for you tomorrow: STR:  Hang Power Clean x5 WOD: 6 rounds  8 Toes To Bar  24 Double Unders :60 HandStand Hold   We are drilling the hang power clean (again!!) with some higher reps and putting that power position we’ve been working on to work. You’ll need to hang onto […]

Squats and Sprints

04/11/2019 | 4

SQUAD! We have squats and sprints for y’all tomorrow! Starting class with some squats, we’ll be doing sets of 5! Get heavy! Then we have a quick 10 min AMRAP of hill sprints and kettle swings. Try to keep the swings unbroken and the sprints at a steady pace, use the downhill to your advantage. […]