Stronger Together

11/19/2017 | 1

You can go it alone or pair up to attack this one! Also some notes on the new cycle, class sizes, and the holiday schedule.

Something new

11/16/2017 | 4

We’re closing out this cycle with a little check-in on our overhand grip and another burner.  Starting next week, we’re going to be playing around with a slight change in format.  

Everyone Tries Today

11/15/2017 | 3

It doesn’t matter if you don’t already have double-unders. Today, you’re going to try.

A whole lot ‘a bar

11/14/2017 |

The barbell is the tool of choice today.  We’ll be using it for three distinct movements, starting with a standard…

Get on up!

11/13/2017 | 2

Pull yourself over the bar for muscle ups and don’t forget to open your hips on those burpees!