Rest to sprint

11/13/2018 |

It’s a spicy flip today, starting with a WOD with rest.  Both movements are all hips, so stay explosive and save your rest for the end of each round.

Stay Home if Your Sick

11/12/2018 | 3

Hey Team, Tis the season for colds and flus! and this is Mel here with a friendly reminder TO STAY HOME IF YOU’RE SICK. Do not bring us your germs. What I mean is, if you are sick enough to call out of work your sick enough to stay home from CrossFit. In the mean […]

Comp WOD

11/08/2018 | 4

Today’s work is reminiscent of the way competition WODs are often structured.  We’ll start with 12 minutes of running, followed immediately by 12 minutes to find our max set of 5 push press.

Farm strong

11/06/2018 | 3

There’s not much out there that can get you stronger than honest hard work.  Farmers are notorious for being stronger than they look, especially in the grip.  As we’ll find out today, there’s good reason for that.

Cardio Hardio

11/05/2018 | 3

Team! All of the conditioning tomorrow, gang. Here is what we got! 4 ROUNDS FOR TIME:  750 m row  30 kettle bell swings (1.5/1) 22:00 min time cap The focus tomorrow will be rowing. We’ll spend the majority of class honing rowing technique and also talking about how to pace the work out. We don’t want […]