04/08/2019 | 4

We’re hitting a new movement today – the single leg Romanian deadlift. While the name is long winded, it’s not the most complicated thing you’ve done here (though it will take a little practice to keep it together).


04/07/2019 | 5

We’re going to the Benchmark well for one of CrossFit.com’s classic “Girls” workouts

Front Rack Lunges

04/03/2019 | 1

Hitting both unilateral work and core strength, front rack lunges are making an appearance today.  We’ll be doing these for strength before we hit a quick little 21-15-9.


04/02/2019 | 2

It’s all midline today!  We’re starting with an Every Minute On the Minute workout of deadlifts and handstand push ups… 

Jump, don’t squat

04/01/2019 | 5

Continuing with our theme of working the “power” position, we’ll be doing some “power” box jumps today.  Just like a power clean is a clean with no squat, these box jumps only count if you don’t land or pass through a squat on top of the box.