12/03/2017 | 6

Taking a 4/2/4 concept and turning it into 10/4/10 will be lots of fun.

Sprint, Recover, Repeat

11/30/2017 | 6

Our new cycle is in full swing! With the more concentrated approach, our WODs have room for some wonderful things…

Downhill, uphill

11/28/2017 | 5

Yesterday found us working through a nice descending rep scheme. Today, we go longer and have to climb our way back up to where we started…


11/27/2017 | 4

This shouldn’t take you more than 15 min max. So leave your egos outside and have a great time jamming with Diane!


11/26/2017 | 7

A few words here from JT on the value of keeping a journal (and posting your results to the comments).