03/28/2020 | 1

Hey Friends! Tomorrow morning (Sunday, March 29th) at 11:00 am, we will try our first group ZOOM WOD! First the technical stuff: Download the ZOOM application to a laptop, ipad, iphone (If it’s a small screen, can you push it to a bigger one? I.E. Apple device to Apple TV)? Huge THANK YOU to Stefanie […]

Friday looks warm, so lets get some air with our friend Murph!

03/27/2020 | 11

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and keeping up with the fitness at home! I believe it’s very important to keep active both physically with the WODs From Home and mentally as you post scores, comments, thoughts and just keeping in touch with your CFSV family! Friday’s weather says ‘Cloudy with a high of […]

All You Need Is a Chair

03/25/2020 | 11

Today’s workout is a strength-y one. Not only are we targeting your core strength with an extended high-plank hold, but we’re also working those tricep muscles by adding in chair dips. How it works: set your timer for 12 minutes. When the clock starts, find a high plank (make sure to stack your hands directly […]

Down the Ladder

03/24/2020 | 22

Hello friends! We know you miss barbells as much as we miss you but who doesn’t love a descending bodyweight movement ladder? Especially one with burpees in it?? What more can you ask for? Before you jump into the Wednesday WOD, let’s not forget to work on mobility! A few considerations for today – door […]

Let’s get creative!

| 14

Hey friends! I miss your faces!! Not to worry- your coaches continue to work on at home programming for you guys and thinking creatively about what you may already have in your house that can do double duty. Today we have you filling grocery bags with cans or boxes of pasta (we know you have […]

WFH: Push and Pull

03/22/2020 | 17

Adding Pulling strength to your WFH WODs, and JT talks a little about getting more mindful about your food and water consumption during Social Distancing.