Kris Kross’ll make you..

08/18/2020 | 1

Okay, I went there. It’s not easy trying to come up with a song title/lyric that I haven’t already used that somehow applies (even in the most unclear way) to the work we’re doing today. And, to be fair, my brain is generally fried by this time of day. And freshman year remote learning hasn’t […]

Present Tense

08/17/2020 | 1

Hello friends! How goes the 2nd time around this cycle? Are you seeing improvements in some areas? Coming across things you’d like to put more work into? Do you wish I’d stop asking questions? I get it. It continues to be a strange time and yes, as JT mentioned in his blog last night, the […]


| 2

Hi folks! It’s Sunday night, and that means another long update from JT. The world is still on fire. For those of you with kids (like me), you’re watching the Somerville Public Schools try to figure out what to do about the coming school year. Now I don’t normally opine a lot here about “what […]

Fitness Friday!

08/14/2020 | 1

Hello there! Before we dive into the WOD, I wanted to bid farewell and following seas to Andrew and Ana who are moving down to Virginia. I hope this next step in the journey that is your lives is exciting, fun, and safe! For them and all of you, always remember even when you move […]

Time to get a little upside down

08/12/2020 |

Hey folks! This will be a quick post because its late (SORRY! MY BAD). Just know that we miss you all and hope you’re coping well. While there is no end in sight, you all are our light at the end of the tunnel, so stay healthy, stay fit, and PLEASE stay connected to us […]

Summertime and the livin’ is easy

08/11/2020 | 1

Good morning friends! It’s been great to hear you guys are still out there and I’ve enjoyed reading your responses on here. Apologies for not responding yet! I’ve been buried in that full-time gig that used to take up fewer hours of the day somehow. But, like the blog title says- it’s summertime! Perhaps the […]