10/15/2018 | 6

Coming back to last week’s rep scheme and style with new movements.


10/11/2018 | 1

A little heavy lifting and a quick couplet is a classic CrossFit combo.  Today we’re hitting it old school with some heavy deadlifts to get us started and some playtime with a plate for conditioning.

Buddy system

10/10/2018 | 4

Find a friend and have fun with this partner workout. I hope you’re pumped!


10/09/2018 | 6

Strength and conditioning has existed for quite some time.  Before we had all these fancy barbells and pull up rigs, simpler tools had to be used.  Enter: the hill.

The Single Arm Dumbbell Squat Snatch

10/04/2018 | 5

Here’s one that JT has been trying to sneak into programming for years.  Squat snatching a dumbbell provides all kinds of different challenges than doing it with a barbell.