Tabata Prep

04/12/2018 | 4

Today’s WOD is Tabata, and it’s strength work is strict versions of what we’ll see come WOD time. 

Load up, haul ass

04/10/2018 | 3

If you haven’t yet heard, hauling ass is one of our themes this programming cycle.

Twenty Twenty Twenty

04/09/2018 | 5

Team! I just want to give a shout to my evening classes today! Y’all absolutely crushed “DT”! The effort y’all put forth is one of the reason I love my job! So thank you for some killer classes guys! (Shout out to last Monday evenings classes too!!)   Alright! On to tomorrows work out! AMRAP […]


04/08/2018 | 2

A CrossFit Hero WOD that is both a strong benchmark and fits our programming cycle theme.

1 on, 1 off

04/05/2018 | 4

It’s another long one, but today we get plenty of rest.  In fact, we’ll be resting just as much as we’re working…