All Cardio All Day!

06/12/2018 | 3

Gang! You get Mel two days in a row for the blog! I hope y’all enjoyed todays lovely EMOM! It was a doozy of a wod! Before I share tomorrows work out, I just wanted to give a shout to everyone who came out on Saturday to support Josh McCarthy and Ultimate Peace. The CrossFit Somerville community […]

Power Down Under

06/11/2018 | 3

TEAM!! I am super pleased with everyones work today! Y’all blew the wod out of the water, morning and evening classes!! It was a tough one! And thank you to my evening classes who endured my EXTRA pep today, I was pretty pumped up for the wod and also excited about the sunshine! Seriously though, […]


06/06/2018 | 5

Annie is one of the “girls” in CrossFit. It’s is a simple but very effective couplet of double unders and sit ups. It’s not fancy but oh boy does it work. After you’re warmed up we’ll get you under a barbell for some jerks! “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders Sit ups  

Fundraiser for Ultimate Peace

06/05/2018 | 3

This Saturday we’ll be turning our 10 AM Saturday class into a fundraiser WOD to raise some $$ for a program that member, Josh McCarthy works with!