From Jenna With Love

11/24/2019 | 9

This is a bruiser that will really challenge you to go beyond your usual limits and train at the margins!

Dia de los Deadlifts & Social Time with MEL!

11/21/2019 | 7

Hey y’all, it’s Friday again and what better way to get us feeling strong for the weekend than taking on the DEADLIFT?!? ADMIN NOTE: There will be a get together to hang out with the one and only MEL on Saturday Evening! She’s in town for a limited engagement and we’re planning on starting at […]

Lucky 13

11/20/2019 | 1

It’s another “tempo” day, but this time we’re applying a tempo to strict pull-ups. How it works: once your chin is over the bar, you’ll spend five seconds lowering yourself back to a dead hang. For our strength portion, we’re looking to accumulate 20-30 total reps of pull-ups with a slow, controlled descent. No matter […]

Strength as Skill

11/19/2019 | 7

Wednesday’s programming has us shifting gears from the longer chipper on Tuesday and settling in on the Power Snatch as our move for both the strength portion as well as the workout of the day, so get to the gym because it’s go time! Once we’re warmed up and have some basic snatch specific movements […]

Can do / Will do: We all have limits; let’s go find them

11/18/2019 | 4

Hey y’all! While Nick is busy enjoying paradise and learning exciting new ways to help you identify muscles you didn’t know you had, I’m jumping in to tell you about Tuesday’s programming. Today’s fitness is going to be split between some skill work focusing on the kip and a long chipper designed to take you […]

Tempo Back Squats

11/14/2019 | 4

  Hey Y’all, it’s Friday and what better way to get into the weekend than with some fitness! Today we’re going to be working on our backsquat at tempo focusing on control through the movement, which directly translates to a ‘lighter lift’. The work is five sets of three with the weight building, and each […]