Reach your arms

02/05/2019 | 5

Overhead.  All of our moves today involve taking our shoulders into deep flexion.  So make sure you’re prepping your body…

Under Pressure!

02/04/2019 | 2

TEAM! Super pumped for tomorrow’s work out! It is another one of my master pieces! It will be tons of fun and you will thank me later, I promise! 16:00 minute clock: 6 rounds 10 calorie row  10 burpee then… in the remaining time work up to a heavy clean double (2 reps).    Let’s […]


| 5

Even the GOAT doesn’t win em all, but every time you can give it your best.

Push and Pull

01/31/2019 | 3

Today is all about driving hard with your legs on the row and scaling/breaking up your push ups well.