Open 20.1 Y’aaalllll!!!

10/10/2019 | 5

Hey TEAM!!! Guess who?!  Guest posting for y’all from San Francisco! First I’d like to say I miss you all terrible and hope you are doing well. Alright, let’s talk fitness! So it’s open season round two, which makes this one maybe a little less exciting? But let me tell y’all I am fired up […]

Tabata Thursday

10/09/2019 | 2

It’s been a while… but the Tabata is back! Tabata is a style of interval training that alternates between work and rest. One Tabata consists of eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest (for a total of four minutes). For our workout today, you’ll be performing four Tabatas. This means you’ll […]


10/08/2019 | 1

We’re going for a 3rm today on the bench, so make sure you have a spotter and let’s get after it. Once that’s done, we’ll be hitting an Open style ascending ladder…

KB strength

10/07/2019 | 4

Today we’ll be using kettlebells for strength work, cranking out high reps of front racked lunges.  All reps on one side will be done before we switch to the other side (for a little extra burn) and we’ll be super-setting this work with some hollow body holds.

The Open is Upon Us

10/06/2019 | 5

Surprise! It’s Open Season again! This is your chance to get a taste of a competition environment without leaving your home base.