Friday is a Brand New (Mixed) Bag!

06/18/2020 | 1

Hey y’all! That was a TERRIBLE attempt to play on the words of the great philosopher James Brown and his moving tale of getting a new suitcase, or something. ANYWAYS; Let’s chat up today’s fitness!! (Also, a quick shout out to Coach Nelly for putting together the daily WODs for the last few weeks. Send […]

Take me to the other side

06/16/2020 |

Hello friends! I think I’m on day 1 million of working remotely and I miss all your faces! I’m happy to see folks are still reading the blog and connecting on the Facebook group and getting after it as best as possible! I hope the sunshine and warmth is helping everyone’s moods. I hope you’re […]

On the floor


WOD: 5 Rounds for Time 20 foot Crab Walk (or some distance you can do in your space) 20 foot Bear Crawl (hips low and knees close to the ground) 20 foot Crab Walk 20 foot Bear Crawl (hips high) 10 supermans 15 situps

Friday: Choose Your Own Adventure!

06/11/2020 | 4

Hey friends. It has been quite the week for all of us in the community and today, we’re going to put our head down and grind out some fitness. Much like that beloved series of books (at least beloved by me), today’s WOD is a “Choose your own adventure”. I will list the 30 exercises […]

Untitled (it’s a song)

06/09/2020 | 3

Hey friends! I wanted to take a moment to thank JT for so eloquently expressing our sentiments as a team, a community, a culture, and a family. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow coaches on the next chapter of this incredible place to ensure a safe, fun, and continued welcoming experience – whatever […]