06/05/2019 | 4

Get ready for a bruiser.  Today’s benchmark WOD is going to take some time…


06/04/2019 | 4

We’re starting with bench press today, something we haven’t done in quite a while (I had to go wayyy back to find this picture)…


06/03/2019 | 3

Yesterday had us doing our strength work in EMOM format.  Today, we’ll see it in the WOD…

Drop it like a squat

05/30/2019 | 4

Hey SQUAD How y’all feeling? Tomorrow is Friday – that happened fast! As you can guess tomorrow we have squats and then we have a fun little burner to finish off class. STR: 3×8 front squats ***same weight across all 3 sets Super set (in between your sets) complete 10 step ups/leg on a box […]