Sneaky 7’s

12/10/2018 | 5

Hello Friends!   Here is what we have for you tomorrow! 7 Rounds for Time of 7 Dumbbell Strict Press (40/25) 7 Dumbbell Push Press 7 Dumbbell Push Jerk 7 alternating Pistol Squats/leg 7 Sit ups So. Many. Rounds! As you work your way through this try try try to hold onto those dumbbells for […]

Ropes and Bars

12/06/2018 | 3

…and a little floor time.  Today, we’ll be racing to get through some burpees and ropw climbs to tally up some deadlifts as our score. 

Jumpin’ Jumpin’

12/04/2018 | 5

Hey Gang – I just want to say…WHERE Y’ALL AT? I have a completely empty 4 pm and 5 pm class today! What gives? So here I am writing the blog early.  Here is what we got for ya tomorrow!     Skill  Max Height Box Jump WOD 6 Rounds For Time: 10 Box Jump […]

Gotta get down to get up

12/03/2018 | 3

Team! We have a fun one for you tomorrow.  HANDSTAND PUSH UPS! We are going to work on getting everyone upside down today. Our focus for the handstand push will be to do some kipping drills – everyone will be able to do this, weather you can kick up into a handstand or not. Our […]