Thursday 9/29 PM Classes Canceled

09/28/2022 |

Hey friends,Just a quick note to let you know we have fallen prey to another covid exposure in the coaching staff so the Thursday PM classes will be canceled and replaced with a 2 hour open gym.We apologize for the inconvenience but want to ensure your health and safety.Have a great rest of your week […]

Schedule, COVID, and Construction News: week of 9/25/22

09/26/2022 |

Hi team, Y’all have certainly noticed by now that Prospect St is closed to remove the giant crane from the skyscraper next door. That closure is anticipate to last *at least* until Friday, so the only access to our parking lot would be from Newton St. Given that Newton St is only accessible from Webster […]


08/31/2022 |

Hey Squad! There are NO classes on Monday, September 5th for the holiday. Open gym has been added to the calendar and Coach Michael might be there for the beginning if you’re bored and want to come in and get some fitness. Next, we are seeing the membership numbers beginning to come back a bit […]

This weeks WODs AND A PSA

08/29/2022 |

Hey y’all! Just a quick check in to show the new organization for the KB’s and a reminder about the switches in the breaker box. Breaker Box: Please only flip the light switches. The other day the breaker for the fridge out front was tripped by accident and that could be detrimental for the folks […]

Email is working again AND This week’s work

08/22/2022 |

Hello there! First order of business, JT came back and fixed the email issue from last week and we’ve gone in and checked your emails and made all the requested holds, etc. so back to using as the primary way to contact us! Now, for this week’s work! MONDAY (JT am / Michael pm)STR: […]

Email’s Down for now…

08/18/2022 |

Hey Friends! There is a problem with the Email ( JT is back and will work on getting that fixed ASAP, but in the meantime, you can reach us at: if you have any questions or comments.