08/12/2019 | 6

We’ve played around with a few workouts that are essentially 100 reps of one movement.  Today doesn’t bring us thrusters or power cleans, just some light strict press.  And 5 burpees every minute, on the minute… 

Power snatchin

08/07/2019 |

Working up to a heavy triple with our power snatches today.  We’ll be practicing them touch and go style, which will come in handy for the…

Lucky # 8

08/06/2019 | 5

It’s a double WOD day! Two 8 minute AMRAPs that are almost the same separated by 4 minutes is our work today.

Cleans and running

08/05/2019 | 4

We’re hitting a power clean complex to start today – 1 form the ground and 2 from the hang.  We’ll then apply that skill to the WOD with small sets of heavy power cleans coupled with a short run.