20.3 Pep Talk

10/24/2019 | 4

Hey Friends! Back again with this weeks open blog! We have a repeat from 2018. The work out is bench mark work out “Diane” followed by another 21-15-9 heavier deadlift ladder with a 50′ handstand walk in between. Let’s take a look at this bad boy written out.       20.3 is… For Time: […]


10/23/2019 | 3

  The EMOM (“every minute on the minute”) format is coming in strong today! The goal of the first EMOM is to work on your explosive power in the clean. We’ll be using the clean pull as one tool to train this important skill, pairing clean pulls with hang power cleans. Although we’ll be recording […]

Still pushing

10/22/2019 | 2

Just because our pressing cycle is over doesn’t mean that we’re done with push ups!  Today we’re hitting a longer WOD where we get to revel in all of the extra push up strength…


10/21/2019 | 1

Today’s focus is on controlling the decent into our squat.  Throughout this cycle we’ll be working on keeping our bodies loaded through what’s call the eccentric phase of our movements. This is generally the “down” part, and that’s exactly what we’ll see today.

Actual 20.2

10/17/2019 | 2

SQUAD! *heat times listed below I am back again here to talk with y’all about 20.2. It was so good to see all your comments last week! All is well here in SF except you all are not here! But I was pumped to see all your scores, last week was a doozy! Proud of […]