Double KB C+J

09/03/2019 | 3

Today we’re taking a familiar movement and doing it with unfamiliar equipment.  The clean and the jerk are staple movements in CrossFit, but most of the time they are done with a barbell…

Hip Drive

08/29/2019 | 4

Today is all about those hips!  We’ll be starting by finding a 1 rep max with our power clean…

Lift on the Clock, then Run!

08/28/2019 | 1

We’re working on our overhead pressing strength today with a complex of strict presses and push jerks, every 90 seconds for 5 sets. Your load on the bar will be based on what you can strict press for 3 reps, so those push jerks should feel light and snappy. Aim to perform the complex unbroken […]

Gone but not forgotten

08/26/2019 | 4

Today’s WOD is a going away present from Mel!  It has many old Mel favorites sandwiched in between two 800m runs.