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Slow is smooth

Kirstie Young | 12/11/2017 |


Hey friends! Since the shift in our newest cycle of programming, we have a chance to tackle longer workouts. We love our 12-16 min workouts but there is value in exceeding that time frame once in a while.

That being said, the workout today is a great opportunity to practice applying your gymnastics and lifting in a longer workout. The rep schemes are small and there are plenty of rounds to complete.

This is a good time to pick a scale for your handstand pushups that is harder than a scale you normally use but not so hard you can’t complete the workout. The power snatch in the workout is meant to be heavy but doable after 10+ rounds. If you can’t control the bar take the weight down a notch.

Here it is:

Complete 20 Rounds
5 Target to target broad jumps (6’)
3 Handstand push ups
1 Power snatch (115/80)

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