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Friday’s Feat of Fitness For the (CFSV) Family

Augie | 09/03/2020 |

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY y’all! It is the first Friday of September and all I can think to say for that is “WHERE THE EFF DID THE SUMMER GO?!” As we work diligently behind the scenes to evolve into the “Clubhouse Fitness” format, we look forward to providing you a space to get back to doing some more involved workouts in house. With that said, we will discuss if we continue with these WODs From Home as well, but what do you think? Drop a comment below!

Today, we’re going to take on two, back-to-back 6-minute EMOMs with a generous 0-Minute rest between them, so get those hips, knees, ankles, shoulders core mobilized and warmed up. Pick your fav moves and get yourself ready.

When you are all warm and loose, you will need to find some sort of ‘thing’ to use for a movement in each EMOM. Something stable and can support your weight.

When you have your spot lined up, today’s movements for EMOM #1 are Step Ups and Hand Release Push-Ups. Alternating between these two, you will conduct as many reps as possible in the minute before switching to the other movement and doing it again. Once your 6 minutes are done, you IMMEDIATELY start EMOM #2, which becomes Jumping Air Squats (If you are unable to jump due to an injury, then Air Squats will work), and Chair Dips (using the item you were stepping on in EMOM #1).

This is an engine builder and it is going to burn, so get in there and do your absolute best. You don’t need/want a large time between these movements for transition, so push yourself right up to the 55-58 second mark, then get into the next thing. By doing that, this becomes 12 minutes of continuous work which will tax your system regardless of your fitness level. I mean, what the hell, it’s over in 12 minutes, right?! AMIRIGHT!??!

As always, a comment below to say how you did, how it felt, how you are, and generally anything is always appreciated and looked for. Other than that, stay tuned and I hope to see you all soon!

Min 1: Max step-ups*
Min 2: Max hand-release push-ups

Directly into:

Min 1: Max jumping air squats
Min 2: Max chair dips

*Step up to a ledge, bench, chair — can hold a weight for extra credit