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Sticking with the plan

Nick | 03/23/2017 | 2

We’re going to skip 17.5 for class Friday and stick to the programming we initially put together.  If you feel like you’re missing out, feel free to join us on Saturday!  Not only will we be running the last Open WOD of the year at 11am, immediately following we’ll be having a little celebration!  JT’s going to fire up the grill, but feel free to bring snacks and drink to share.  Rumor is we might also be showing the documentary “Life on Fire”, featuring our one and only, Mr. Jefferson Thomas Scott!

So many reasons to come in Saturday!  If you’re planning on doing 17.5 at 11 and haven’t yet, make sure to email Mel!



3 hang squat cleans



10 ttb

10 burpees to plate

10 squat cleans (95/65)

2 comments for “Sticking with the plan

  1. Josh Mc says:

    Str: 95# (EMOM of 8)
    WoD: 3+25 @ 75# lost some steam on the TTB.

  2. Ben PC says:

    STR: 95# EMOM 10
    WOD: 3 even Rx

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