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Low Bars, High Ropes

Nick | 05/25/2017 | 3

We’re getting back to some low bar work today and then a WOD with some unique challenges.  First, if we’re strong with rope climbs we might consider connecting the two climbs.  What does that mean?  Well, instead of sliding or dropping down the rope, we’ll be looking to climb down the rope, touch a foot to the ground without landing and then going right into our second trip.  Sound like a lot?  Well, it is… but even working on controlling your decent goes a long way towards being much stronger on the high ropes.

The deadlifts are a bit sneaky too – the weight is per arm and the non-barbell loading will force us a little closer to the floor.  Finally, find the right spot for your low bar – it’s easy to go too low and make this not so good for your shoulder girdle as a whole.  Kip it right above the spine of the scapula or it’ll start to feel a bit off at load.  Here we go!


Low Bar Back Squat

5-5-5-5-5 @ 2:00



2 rope climbs (connect if possible)

20 double unders

10 DB or KB deadlifts (70/55 per arm)

3 comments for “Low Bars, High Ropes

  1. Abigail R says:

    STR: 115#
    WOD: 3 + 1 Rx-ish (rope climbs were only connected for first two rounds)

  2. Roger says:

    STR: 165#
    WOD: 4+12 @ 10DUs and 1.5pd KBs

  3. Jon says:

    STR: 165#
    WOD: 4 Rx (a little janky on the third pair of climbs)

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