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CrossFit Open 2019

Melaina Neisner | 01/21/2019 |


Hope y’all had a nice long weekend and stayed warm today!

I have an exciting work out for you all tomorrow:

Open 18.1 retest!!!! 


RX –  

8 Toes to Bar 

10 single arm hang dumbbell clean and jerk (50/35) *5/arm

14/12 calorie row

Scaled – 

8 hanging knee raises 

10 single arm hang dumbbell clean and jerks (35/20) 

14/12 calorie row 

As the CrossFit Open is about 4 weeks away the next 4 weeks of work outs will help prep you for what is on it’s way, we’ll also test a few previous open work outs as well!

Today we have a retest – this was the first work out of the open last year (18.1). If you participated in the Open last year, check your score, see if you can beat it! I’ve listed the RX and Scaled work out options pre the Open standards last year. These are of course just suggestions. I rarely say this but as this is an Open work out – I want y’all to push yourselves, maybe let the wheels come off a little. Of course, be honest with yourself if you can’t get the 50 or 35 lb dumbbell over your head manageably for a few reps, don’t go with that weight. The RX and Scaled standards are there as suggestions – feel free to mix and match between the two or ask the coach for help. Have fun with this one guys!

Speaking of the Open! I get very excited about the open. For those of you who don’t know what the CrossFit Open is, let me tell you! The CrossFit Open is the largest fitness competition on earth!  The open is 5 weeks of 5 work outs. The work outs are announced on Thursday nights and then everyone who is competing has until the next Monday evening to complete the work out and submit their scores. Members (people of all levels can do the open!!!) of other affiliates, just like you, around the globe register at CrossFit dot com. I think it is particularly fun to see how you stack up against all these other people around the world. Although it is also just fun to compete with your friends within the gym or at other local affiliates! The Open is a great opportunity to see what it feels like to compete! And it is in a friendly environment – you’ll have your friends and your coaches cheering you on the whole way! This year the Open will kick off on February 22nd!

How we run the open – This year I am very excited to announce we will be running the Open Friday Night Lights style! It will be run the same way but instead of Saturday morning it’ll be Friday evening! We’ll run 4 heats on Friday nights. We’ll brief the work out at the top of the hour (4, 5, 6 and 7 pm.) And then run the heats on the half hour. And we’ll adjust times if we need to if space becomes an issue. When the Open work out is released it is released with a RX and Scaled Option. If you are registered with CrossFit dot com then you have to pick one option – if you choose not to register you’ll have more freedom to mix and match weights and scaling options. We encourage y’all to register at the link above but we understand if you don’t want to – we still want you to participate! I am beginning to get a head count of everyone who wants to give it a go this year, registered or not! So if you could email me and let me know if you would like to participate this year I would appreciate it! ( If you have questions about the open you can ask any coach or shoot me an email as well!

In the mean time keep your eyes peeled to the blog and email for more details about FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS AND get excited guys! I know I am!


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