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JT Scott | 03/22/2020 | 17

Here we are: Monday March 23! The workout today is a bit more advanced. We’re looking to put a little pulling into the workout, so here’s a video on one way to do an Inverted Table Row. It’s like a ring row with no rings! Great for building pulling strength towards your first pullup, too. If you have trouble getting these done as shown in the video, feel free to bend your knees instead to make it a little bit easier. If you have a pullup bar at home, of course you can use that instead for strict pullups…

For the “Tap-Tap-Pushups”, they are what they sound like: hold the high plank and tap the left hand to your left shoulder, tap your right hand to your right shoulder, and then go for that pushup! You can scale this onto a chair or coffee table if your pushups aren’t ready for doing on the ground, but give it a shot!

Finally, good old air squats. You know what to do.

What you may NOT know how to do is to handle being at home all day, surrounded by snack food and unable to get out. Hell, you might not even know how to cook. That’s okay – cooking tutorials are why god created youtube, right? Being at home and with restaurants strongly curtailed is a great time to do more home cooking. That home cooking doesn’t have to be fancy, but with a little attentiveness you can take control of your intake in a whole new way!

I can talk a lot about meal planning (and I will, in future weekly blogs here) but I find one of the biggest things that catches people is the inadvertent snacking that comes from just kicking around the house all day. It can really help to set a structured meal time and stick to it! Not snacking is easier to accomplish when you know you’ve got a lunch you’ve got to prepare or a dinner you need to start cooking in an hour.

One more tip I’ll give you tonight is this: there’s never been a better time to stay well hydrated. Keep a scoreboard at home. Grab yourself an empty Peanut Butter jar – it’s about 2 cups, or 16 ounces. Depending on your body size, you’re going to want fill and drink about 6 to 8 of those each day. (12 to 16 cups)

Why am I talking about this? Well, it’s real easy to catch yourself snacking when what your body really needs is a touch of water. Maybe if you set that hydration as a goal, and use that impulse to snack as a reason to work towards that daily hydration goal instead.

Maybe this is the thing you can finally use a whiteboard marker for at home! Draw a line down the jar, and swipe a finger through every time you drain it. You’ll be hitting those goals in no time!

5 Rounds for Time
10 Tap-Tap-Pushups
15 Inverted Table Rows
20 Air Squats
* see video above for Row demo. If you just can’t make it work, switch out for situps instead.

17 comments for “WFH: Push and Pull

  1. Sarah L says:

    14:40 oof.
    I did 10 jumping pullups from a very low stool instead of inverted rows.
    Happy Monday!

  2. DANIEL S. says:

    WoD: 11:19
    Did 15 kettle bell upright rows and 10 sit ups in place of the pulls.

    Feeling this one…

  3. Berenice V says:

    WoD 12:05
    I have a bar so, I did strict-ish pull ups.
    Happy Monday, everyone!

  4. Heather Jacques says:

    Happy Monday!

    WoD: 10:52
    Tapping push-ups to a 16″ bench, jumping pull-ups, and air squats.

  5. BenB says:

    Inside jokes, nice. Glad I wasn’t hovering in plank while JT told that…

    WoD: ran about 3 miles, then. 10:41 about Rx. My kids have a trapeze with rings which made for really tough ring rows. Glad I discovered that, wish I had a PU bar!

  6. Erica M. says:

    14:45, tap tap pushups as Rx, pull ups on bar with bands (mine are diff colors but appox red + green?)

  7. Jack Orenstein says:

    17:02, substituting 200m row for 15 table rows. Rows R Rows, amirite?

  8. Benazeer says:

    14 and change — did situps because I couldn’t get inverted rows to work.

    I’m surprisingly finding it easier to eat well in this new reality. It turns out most of the mindless eating I do is at work — my group bonds over coffee breaks, and with a cafe in the building selling pastries and fancy coffee-flavored drinks, I was way over the level of sugar that is healthy for me. Without that, I’m doing a lot better at cutting out the crap that I know fucks with my energy levels.

  9. Robin K. says:

    12:26 with pushups to coffee table (a challenging scale for me) and table rows

  10. mark r says:

    9:20 as prescribed. The air squats were flying for me so I may have miscounted.

  11. JoshMc says:

    11:44 Rx though admittedly some of those brutal table top rows towards the end of the latter sets may not have gotten quite as high as ideal. Knew this was going to be rough after the 1st set of rows. JT thanks for this workout, really wanted a good pulling exercise with no bar at home, and this hit the nail on its head.

  12. Jon says:

    13:20 Rx

    Today, I learned to respect my kitchen table as a cunning and dangerous adversary.

  13. Margaret says:

    About 12:30. I struggled through about 3 pull ups or chin ups instead of 15 rows. I love the timely nutrition tips!

  14. Josh Feinman says:

    My wife and I replaced the inverted table rows for KB rows with 24K and 12K bells.

    We both finished in 17 minutes.

    Thank you for the great workout to start the week!

  15. Hugo says:

    11:59 (my headphones fell three times and I had to turn off a phone call…)

  16. Bill Shoesmith says:

    19:39, inverted table rows (knees bent)

  17. Sue Shoesmith says:

    16:38, sit ups instead of inverted table rows

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