About CFSV

Vision Statement

CrossFit Somerville is in the business of building strong people and strong communities by increasing people’s agency – their capacity to create change in the world.

Mission Statement

At CrossFit Somerville, we aim to create better humans by creating an environment that is accessible, sustainable, and interconnected.


The three watchwords that guide every decision we make from a business standpoint are integrity, transparency, and consistency.

How do we implement this vision?

  • We’ve got experience. We’re the oldest CrossFit box on this side of the river, opened in 2011. JT’s been doing this since he founded CrossFit Fenway in 2009. The rest of our staff is small, diverse, and tight-knit, and brings experience from many different training methods.
  • We’ve got small classes and a small staff. Never more than 12 per class, so you always get the attention and coaching you need for safe and effective training. No “getting lost” here – you will know your coaches and they will know you and your capabilities. You are paying for coaching, and we are going to give it to you.
  • We emphasize quality, sustainable movement. This isn’t about your ego or about how much weight you can lift. We care about your ability to use your body. We want to increase your natural capacity for movement, and we include in that the need for you to use your body at any time, for as long as you need it. Training that is interrupted by injury is not effective. Our goal is to get better every day, and be ready for tomorrow’s training – or anything else tomorrow brings.
  • We’re distinctly local. The owner and all of our coaches live right here in Somerville. We are a mix of new arrivals and long-time residents, engineers and artists, straights and queers.
  • We believe in sustainable employment. All of our employees earn at least 50% above the Somerville Living Wage, because the owner wants them to live well and spread wellness to you. Our owner also uses profit-sharing to ensure that he will never make more profit than the workers. This money returns directly to the employees and the community.
  • We’re locally engaged. CFSV is about more than your physical fitness; it’s about our strength in community. CrossFit Somerville participates in Community Cooks, hosts public events in cooperation with Union Square Neighbors and Union Square Main Streets, has an active Urban Agriculture project working in conjunction with MAMAS (Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville), and hosts the Somerville Community Fridge – a free food resource for anyone in the area. In addition, we host and participate in multiple fundraisers each year for local efforts and larger causes – all of which are projects brought to us by the members. Whatever your passions are, we will support you and get involved.
  • We’re diverse. We are a gender-neutral facility. Our members represent many ages, races, shapes, sizes, identities, and orientations. We welcome anyone and everyone. JT não fala português, mas sto tentando. (Nelly does speak Portuguese.)
  • We’re professionals. We talk every week to discuss your experience in classes and what we need to do to help you make progress. We’ve got strong policies and training in place to ensure a safe environment for clients and employees, and we take your safety and comfort seriously. We also have an emphasis on continuing education for all of our employees and subsidize classes and seminars for all of our coaches.

We agree with this statement:

We’re not training muscles and strength for their own sake. We train movement – movement that lets people enjoy whatever it is they’re doing, whether it’s high-level sports, gardening, or cleaning out the garage. Those are all about lifting, twisting, pushing, the full range of human movement. We train people to move their bodies effectively, powerfully, athletically, and pain-free. And then, movement is fun.

-Dave Werner, CF Seattle

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