My vision for CrossFit Somerville is to create a community of leaders – capable, strong people who work together to shape the world around them. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, right? In that vein, I’ve always encouraged this to be a “do-ocracy”, and support wholeheartedly all the side events and functions that y’all plan. I think it’s awesome! (Remember to send me an invite.)

These are some of the projects that we currently have underway – ideas brought, shared, inspired, and implemented by members. Interested? Send us an email or ask in class how you can get involved!

  • Urban Agriculture Team
  • Community Cooks
  • Urban Art
  • Community Projects
  • Competitions
  • Union Square Revitalization

Urban Agriculture Team

Description of team projects and composition.

Community Cooks

Description of project and timeline and how to get involved.

Urban Art

Current photo of the graf walls and call for participation, including sculpture and other art installation opportunities.

Community Projects

Invitation to create community projects. List of prior fundraisers. Call to action for Hydrant Clearing Team 2015/2016.


Links to blog blurbs of prior member comps, invitation to put together a friendly team for future events.

Union Square Revitalization

Description of ongoing process, prior seminars, link to Union Square Neighbors and Union Square Main Streets, and CFSV’s role in the future Green Line Extension project.