Keeping It Simple

10/01/2023 |

Getting strong isn’t complicated. Lift the weights, do it consistently, and get some sleep – and you’ll get stronger. Whether it’s nutrition or strength programming, there’s always someone trying to sell you a fancy method that’s guaranteed to be just a bit different, a bit better, a bit magical; you just need to drop in […]

Single-Arm Work

09/28/2023 |

This is a neat one, carrying forward a theme of escalating difficulty and complexity as the rounds progress. There’s 6 rounds of work today, but as we move through them the challenge increases while the weight stays the same (on the lunges). Likewise, the TTB and C2B get worked before combining them into their final […]

Nice Day for a Yog

09/27/2023 |

I sure hope Thursday is going to be a nice day to run around the block. Then again, isn’t it always a nice day for a run? The burpees have a little bonus today – a few extra squats to scatter in amongst them. It’ll be fun! WOD:Cash-in: 800m Run – then –5 Rounds10 KB […]

Scaling the HSPU

09/26/2023 |

30 HSPU is a whole lot for most people. There’s a lot of ways to scale the Handstand Push Up, but when looking at potential scales I tend to favor a few key points: We’ll be keeping that in mind today when setting you up with scales for the WOD. Instead of stacks of abmats […]

Dialing In

09/25/2023 |

There’s so many rowing drills we can use to dial in our rowing technique and we don’t often take the time to really sit with them, which is kind of a shame if you like high scores. If you haven’t really examined your row you’ll still be getting a great workout everytime you’re on an […]

More like AMRAP 8.25 amirite?

09/24/2023 |

One neat thing about an AMRAP with a buy-in is that the amount of time you have to rack up reps is gated by the amount of time you spend chewing through that buy-in. Generally you’ll see this be most impactful in short AMRAPs, and I love short interval AMRAPS with a bit of rest […]