Open Prep Part 2

02/22/2024 |

We’re doing another Open Prep workout today, splitting up into heats so that everyone gets a chance to do the WOD and also gets a chance to be the judge and scorer for someone else. It’s a two-fer: practice cycling those power snatches, and practice seeing and counting the reps for a buddy. The Open […]

Thrusters… for Load

02/21/2024 |

I love going heavy on the basics: Squats, Deads, Overheads. But I’ll be honest with you: going heavy on some of these movements more classically used in metabolic conditioning isn’t always something I dig. The thruster, with its combination of a front squat and a push press, kinda sits on this margin that makes going […]

Grab a Buddy

02/20/2024 |

Today we’re going to play around with some intentional mobility work after the WOD. If you’ve got chronic stiffness or tightness anywhere, your coach can help give you some good stretches and mobility work to get in there and make a difference. One super-effective way to gain Range of Motion is by using PFS – […]

Sumo Flip

02/19/2024 |

No, it’s not like a super-sized “judo chop”. It just means that we’re going to do the high-speed WOD first, and then going to use the remainder of our time to build up to a heavy triple on our Sumo Deadlift. Since there’s SDHP in the WOD, we’re going all-sumo-all-the-time today. TUESDAY FEB 20 2024 […]

Get Judgy

02/15/2024 |

No, not that kind of judgy. But with the CrossFit Open coming up in just a few weeks, it’s a good time to practice not just *performing* to movement standards, but *seeing and judging* those movement standards. Today we’ll spend some of our time learning the movement standards for today’s WOD and then practicing seeing […]

5pm Only (Blame Zoning)

02/14/2024 |

Unfortunately, tonight I have other civic obligations starting at 630pm, so I’ll only be able to coach the 5pm class. 6pm is cancelled, but feel free to come in and catch a workout with anyone else who wants to – treat that 6pm class as an Open Gym free-for-all (for members, of course). Of course, […]