Complex to Simple

05/23/2024 |

We’re moving quite literally from a complex to perhaps the simplest of workouts: a monostructural interval test to see if we can hold a high pace over a series of mid-distance rowing splits. Just because it’s simpler doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier, however… STRENGTH: Overhead Complex3 push press + 2 push press + […]

Old Bird Dog, New Rope Tricks

05/22/2024 |

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but today we’ll get to do some classic Bird Dog Rows followed by what is probably a new skill for most of us: Single Cross-over Jump Ropes. Sounds like fun to me, even though I’m getting up there in dog years! STRENGTH:3 sets10 Bird Dog […]

Murph Prep

05/21/2024 |

Murph is coming up this Monday – our annual remembrance on Memorial Day. It looks like we’ll be gathering at 10am on Monday, but final plans will be posted soon. In the meantime, today’s a good chance to get comfortable with a weight vest, in case you’re thinking of taking that on for Murph. Vest […]

Double Upside Down

05/20/2024 |

Ooooh, today’s some spicy fun for folks who have these high-skill movements in the WOD – and a chance to practice for everyone who isn’t 100% proficient in them. Don’t worry if you don’t have a handstand walk yet. We’ll scale the WOD to something that will build towards it, and we’ll all spend some […]

Moar Load

05/19/2024 |

Nat’s been playing around with the programming (a fact you’ve all noticed) and this week she’s putting more barbell strength back into the mix. But while we’re putting these big heavy front squats into play, you’ll also have the chance today to assess how much the lat work we’ve been doing has helped your muscle […]

Run before you can walk before you can run

05/02/2024 |

It’s a good thing we always do such a thorough warm-up, because once the WOD starts today you’ll have to run before you can walk. WOD:800m Run 36 DB Front Rack Lunges (35s/50s)600m Run 24 DB Front Rack Lunges (35s/50s)400m Run 12 DB Front Rack Lunges (35s/50s)200m Run