Personal Training and Nutritional Counseling

We’re here to help

Your goals are intensely personal. We’re honored when you choose to share your goals with us and enlist us in the process to reach those goals. We’re happy to chat with you about these goals and help guide you forward with some information and resources.

Want help getting better?

If you’d like even more help, we’re glad to do so with some personal coaching. Our coaches are available for 1-on-1 personal training time. This can include specialized programming, technique work, lifting critique, skills and drills, or even nutritional counseling and life coaching with followup meetings to ensure accountability.

Want help getting started?

We understand that beginnings can be scary. We’re glad to help you with a package of personal training sessions that will prepare you to join regular classes: building both your confidence in your body and familiarity with the facility and movements we use commonly at CFSV.

Personal training is $75/hour to work on anything you want with any of our coaches (JT, Michael, or Nelly) or $100 if you’d like to share the hour with a partner.  Just send us a note to to request the coach of your preference and set up a time to meet!