Every CrossFit box is unique, and we know you have choices. (Several other boxes within 2 miles.) We’re the most expensive box in town, and we know it. Click here to read some about why CrossFit Somerville is different.

One point that is crucial to understand is that we’re flexible. We don’t have contracts or punitive policies. We love you and want you to be successful, and we’re not interested in charging you for something you’re not using. In short, we’re glad to not be a traditional gym or studio. If you are traveling or unable to train for any reason, just let us know and we’ll gladly put your membership on hold while you’re out.

What does it cost?

Membership at CrossFit Somerville comes in one flavor, because we want everyone to have the same unlimited access to the facility. No contracts, no commitments, no fees.

  • CFSV Unlimited: $240/month
  • Sponsor Membership: $300/month
  • Subsidized Membership: $180/month

I haven’t increased prices in the decade that we’ve been open here, because I’ve wanted to make sure that we are as accessible as possible to everyone in our community. That’s always been a challenge, though.

What it has meant sometimes is that people with less money got less access, with 2x/wk memberships for example. I think we’re stronger with a diverse community, and we’re trying something that encourages that everyone has more access to the facility.

To that end, we now offer UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIPS ONLY. The basic rate for Unlimited Membership – and access to all classes and Open Gym times – is $240/month. However, we also offer two different tiers of Unlimited Memberships as well:


The pandemic has been hard on us all, and it has cast in stark relief many of the inequities in our society. In addition to our hosting the Somerville Community Fridge and offering our garden space up for the MAMAS Gardening Project, we’d like to address some of that inequity inside our gym too – and we’re offering you the chance to help us do that.

If you have the means and would like to ensure that we can open our doors to more people with lower incomes, we are offering you the ability to sign up for a SPONSOR MEMBERSHIP at $300/month. That extra $60/month – just $2/day – will go directly towards making CFSV membership more accessible to low-income and working class residents.

Every SPONSOR MEMBERSHIP will allow us to offer a SUBSIDIZED MEMBERSHIP at $180/month for unlimited access to the gym to someone in our neighborhood who can’t afford a standard membership. If you need one of those, send us an email and let us know. We’ll be reviewing requests for Subsidized Memberships and offering as many of them as we can to try to ensure that we have a vibrant community that reflects the diversity of our neighborhood.

If you were looking for the lowest common denominator – be it a regular gym or even an average CrossFit box – you’ve probably left our site by now. If you’re still here, you are probably interested in investing in your health and the strength of your community. So go ahead and send us an email at info@crossfitsomerville.com to schedule a time to visit. We look forward to hearing from you!