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Nat Saunders | 06/30/2024 |

On the last day of June, we want to reflect on what Pride means to us, CrossFit Somerville. 

Thinking on how to commemorate Pride Month was surprisingly challenging to us, perhaps because we are inherently, day in and day out, the gayest gym around. 

I even asked JT (owner and founder of CFSV), who is queer and genderfluid, if we should even do something for the occasion… because it already feels like every day is Pride day for us. 

I’m Nat – Head Coach. I was born in Mexico City. I’m a pansexual woman in a same sex marriage. 

But when I tried to think what (other than a large number of queers of so many flavors) makes CSFV so special, it dawned on me that this is one of the few places where I just get to be me. I’m not a minority, I’m not a funny accent, I’m not “gay”… I’m actually quite “average”. I fit right in.

It’s not an accident that so many of our members are in one way or another marginalized: not only LGBTQ, but immigrants, lower income, or different in some capacity that our society takes note of. CrossFit Somerville is designed to be a home for those that are just a little (or a lot) outside the “norm”. And when you are home to everyone who is a little different, everyone stops being different and becomes just wonderfully unique. 

At CrossFit Somerville, Pride is not a month.

Pride is a trans member coming in and knowing their pronouns won’t be an afterthought.

Pride is a member who barely speaks English coming in and never wondering if anyone will find their accent or grammar funny. 

Pride is a member becoming a new parent, and having the community organize a meal train to make sure their family is taken care of and loved. 

Pride is a new member joining a grueling Harvard Stadium workout and having a different friend to finish each of the last 10 sections with. 

Pride is to know that Fran and Grace, our two gym chickens, are always taken care of and loved. 

CrossFit is wonderful in so many ways. It is a proven method to improve your health and to improve your fitness. But perhaps most powerfully of all, it is a way to find, build, and improve your community. It can be a way to improve what is much bigger than yourself. 

We are so proud of our gym. We are so proud of our wonderfully unique members. We are so proud of our amazing, passionate coaches. But most of all, we are always, every day and every month, proud of the family we chose to be part of. 

Happy Pride from us, and may all be part of something that you can be proud of year round!