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QuarterFINALLY, amirite?

JT Scott | 04/21/2024 |

Congrats to our Open crew and the amazing pile of 24 folks who came in to get after a quarterfinals WOD with our competitors. Good times, good times, and of course a classic photo for the gram.

Today we’re going to be giving you the last of the Quarterfinals adapted WODs – this one was WOD 3 of the quarterfinals, but we’re cutting the length of the rounds to break up the work and make it a bit more achievable for folks on the threshold with these skills. It’s labeled as an AMRAP, but really let’s just see how much work y’all can get done in 15 minutes.

Every E2MOM x 5 sets
2 Push Jerks (building)

6 Rounds
10 TTB
4 Rounds
5 Strict HSPU
10 K2E

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