Wednesday 10/20/21 – Rope Climbing

Coach Michael | 10/19/2021 | 1

Hello there! Today we’re back on the ropes as we continue to practice the technique of getting and locking in the hook with our feet. This is the key to easier and more efficient rope climbs, so practice!

Once we get some work done in rope climbing practice we will identify our scales for the rope climb and then use those in today’s WOD.

The WOD is a 12 minute AMRAP that consists of 1 Rope Climb, 5 Burpees, and a 200M run. Complete this triplet of movements as many times as possible in your 12 minutes. If you think this sounds like a good time, then you’re 100% right!

See you in the box!

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  1. Jon says:

    WoD: 7 Rx

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