Spring Cleaning in Union Square

JT Scott | 04/18/2017 |

This weekend is a great opportunity for us to show some CrossFit Somerville pride. I invite you all to come out and join me on Saturday morning for the Spring Cleanup!

The city of Somerville hosts this volunteer effort each year to invite residents to help clean up and beautify their neighborhoods. We’ll be planting flowers, weeding beds, and generally cleaning up around the square! (You get a free t-shirt and hat too, I think.) We are no strangers to planting things here, and I hope you’ll give a few hours of your time to let people know that you care about the square beyond our cinderblock walls.

You can find more details at this link, but the basics are here:
WHERE: meet @ CFSV @ 10am
WHAT: Cleanup work around Union Square til noon
WHY: because it’s the place we love to be, and we like being good neighbors

…afterwards there’s a BBQ down near the Mayor’s house in 10 Hills, but I’ll be going out to knock on doors and talk to voters instead. You can let me know if he can cook chicken as good I can. 😉

Speaking of meats, the real meat in the workout today is in the O-lifting. We’ll do some warmup and mobility to get you ready for squat snatching, and then we’ll drill technique for a bit and make sure you’re ready to go.

After that, it’s about working up to a heavy weight and firing that weight overhead repeatedly with good form. We’ll work two pieces of the snatch and then put them together for the whole tamale. I did this with the Oly class last week on Wednesday night, and let me tell you that it’s a blast! Also, it will peg your heart rate early and really get your heat up.

(If you’re looking for guidance on what weight to use for this, somewhere in the 70-80% range of your 1RM is a good call if you’re an experienced lifter.)

After that, we’ll set down the technical stuff and just move our bodies real fast. The sprints are short so keep them crisp and haul ass out there!

Every Minute On the Minute
1-5: Hang Power Snatch x3
6: Rest
7-11: Overhead Squat x3
12: Rest
13-17: Hang Squat Snatch x3

8 Rounds
Sign Sprint (~80 ft)
6 Burpee Broad Jumps