Going Long, Going Hard

JT Scott | 08/06/2017 | 4

We’re starting off the week with a long one. This will test your barbell strength, your gymnastic strength, your speed, and your stamina… it’s got it all.

Power Cleans at 185/135 are no joke for the general population, and there are plenty of people for whom this will be an ambitious weight to achieve a single clean at that number. We’re looking for 6 of them today, so when you set your scale put the weight heavy (but not unattainable). I’m suggesting 70% of your max power clean here as a good target, but be sensible and push yourself within reason.

Likewise, Handstand Pushups aren’t a skill most people have. We’re looking for 6 of these each round as well, so set your scale at a very challenging level and plow into them. (We’re recommending piked/inverted pushups for most of you today.)

Fill that strength sandwich with some gymnastic conditioning movements (burpees and toes-to-bar) and you’ll be sucking wind by the time you get back to some peak output strength tasks.

If you can’t RX all the movements and weights in this workout, great! We’ll help you scale the whole WOD and set you up for success. Also, you’ll learned something today and maybe you’ll take RXing this WOD as a future goal… or at least a roadmap of where your fitness can improve.

If you can RX this, congratulations! Just being able to RX this workout is a sign you’ve achieved some great fitness. Now the next step is increasing your score and gaining capacity. It’s days like this that we think of when we say it never gets easier – we just get better at it.

6 Power Cleans (185/135)
12 Burpees
12 Toes-to-Bar

4 comments for “Going Long, Going Hard

  1. Abigail R says:

    WOD: 4 + 6. On the downside, I really need to work on my pushing strength (which I’ve been saying for four years). On the upside, the cleans at 80# were much easier than I thought they’d be!

  2. JT says:

    5+8 this morning after classes… by myself… in the dark…

    my sides and midline were on fire with this one!

  3. Jon says:

    WOD: 4 + 4 (135#, jumping burpees, un-chained toes-to-bar, HSPU negatives)

    I’m trying to figure out how to push myself differently in these workouts. I was tired at the end, and I don’t think I could have done more weight anywhere, but I also could have gone for another 10 minutes without too much trouble. I have some ideas.

    Happy with the progress I’m making on HSPU-like things, though!

  4. Ben PC says:

    WOD: 2+3

    Almost Rx… ended up doing HSPUs with 2 abmats. This is the first time I’ve done them in a WOD so I’ll take it. I think I’d done a total of 5 handstand push-ups (ever) before this workout.

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