Municipal Strength

JT Scott | 11/08/2017 |

At 4am Tuesday morning in the distant pre-dawn, a team of a dozen CrossFitters convened in the lobby-turned-campaign-HQ for a special mission: deliver 1,000 door-hangers to 1,000 doorknobs all over Ward 2.

I love you folks. When I ask CrossFit Somerville for help, you come through in spades… and CrossFitters do almost everything “for time”. Sure enough, our amazing CFSV crew finished early, and even had enough bandwidth to help out Our Revolution Somerville get the last 300 of their door hangers out across Somerville.

It was a perfect encapsulation of the kind of people we have here: full of heart, ready to go above and beyond, unafraid of hard work, dedicated to the community, and willing to take on an enormous challenge at an apparently ridiculous time of day. The harder we work, the stronger we get, and the more capable we are of changing the world around us… and you people work hard.

We knew turnout was high when they started running out of ballots during the day. On Tuesday night around 8:30pm we started getting the results from the polling stations, and the news was beyond good.

Over 2500 people voted in Ward 2. That may not sound like much, but it’s a higher voter turnout for a municipal election than any we’ve been able to find yet. We won in all 3 precincts of the ward. We won with record voter turnout. And we won by nearly 400 votes, 57% to 42%.

When I set out on this mission 8 months ago – before the endorsements, before anyone thought I had a chance to win – it was CrossFitters that supported me with their energy and their campaign contributions. On March 9th I went out in the freezing rain (and 8 degree temps) with a crew of CrossFitters who were willing to be uncomfortable and help me try something new. On November 7th some of those very same people went out with me to charge across the finish line together.

I remember everyone who helped by knocking doors, or donating money, or making phone calls, or even just giving me a laugh and a boost here in classes. I hope I make your lives a bit better in those same ways, and it’s why I’m adamant about encouraging all of us to support each others’ goals and passions. There’s no substitute for community.

I literally could not have done this without the amazing, strong, supportive community here at CrossFit Somerville, and I am humbled and grateful for all that you do. Thank you.

Now, how can we help you reach YOUR goals?

Front Squat
* work up to a heavy double

3 Rounds For Time
Run 400m
21 KB Swings (1.5/1)
12 Pullups