Working on your Goats

JT Scott | 01/08/2018 | 7

We had a pretty sweet event at the gym on Sunday… OPEN GYM! We arrived to find that the heaters had died overnight, so that was a fun thing for me to fix and the temp inside the gym had dropped below freezing. Fortunately, y’all are a hardy bunch who are not to be deterred, and an impressive crew of 15+ CFSV folks were here to get their WOD on regardless of the frigid temps.

(Today, we also found that the power supply for the sound mixer had been completely smashed – so there was no music for morning classes. While that was probably a great meditative experience for y’all, rest assured that I brought over my soldering iron and made a hasty repair in time for the noon class. So, the music is back and functional for you morning folks tomorrow.)

We also had ANOTHER sweet event at the gym Sunday after Open Gym… the party for Indy’s 3rd birthday! As you can see, it was probably the social event of the season (if you’re a toddler). Don’t worry, we’re having a party for our adult members on January 20th, and that too will be a great time, but with no petting zoo.

(Speaking of which, petting zoos are a bit odd. Ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats, and even a small pig. All of which are animals I’ve eaten. I guess it’s no coincidence that petting zoos only contain baby animals.)

In CrossFit terminology, “working on your goats” usually means tackling movements that are hard for you head-on and working to improve on them.

Today, we’ve got some long sets of push-ups that will definitely be a strength test, at the same time that we’re pushing up the weight on our DB snatches to give you a bit more challenge to bite into. This one will be faster than yesterday, but still a bit of a grind. Scale appropriately, and trust that volume and consistency brings results.

Front Squat

5 Rounds for Time
20 Pushups
10 DB Snatches (60/40)

7 comments for “Working on your Goats

  1. Josh Mc says:

    Str: 175#
    WoD: 12:51 Rx, broke up pushups into sets of 2×10, 4×5, then 5×4 the rest of the way.

  2. Ben B says:

    STR: 165# (felt like I could have gone up 10 or so, need more time!)

    WOD: 9:42 Rx, pushups down to 2s and 3s at the end…

  3. Nadav says:

    STR: 155#

    WOD: 9:36 40# & push-ups from the box

  4. Eoin says:

    STR: 185#
    WOD: 10:17 @ 45#

  5. Michael says:

    STR: 175#

    WOD: 8:25 RX
    Real sprint pace, but that 60# though…

  6. Jon says:

    Str: 175#
    WoD: 14:31 Rx

    Had one fantastic round of snatches in the middle where I really found my pace and balance. Then I turned back into wacky waving arm inflatable tube man.

  7. Roger says:

    STR: 175#
    WOD: 10:34(?) @ 45#

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