Under Pressure!

Melaina Neisner | 02/04/2019 | 2


Super pumped for tomorrow’s work out! It is another one of my master pieces! It will be tons of fun and you will thank me later, I promise!

16:00 minute clock:

6 rounds

10 calorie row 

10 burpee


in the remaining time work up to a heavy clean double (2 reps). 


Let’s talk about this work out! You will have 16 total minutes to complete 6 rounds of the calories row and the burpees AND then you will work up to a heavy clean double (2 reps). The first half of this is a total gut check, it’s going to hurt. The faster you move through the first part the more time you’ll have to recover and start moving some heavy weight. The Cleans you’ll be doing today will be hard, we are asking you to do two (not touch ‘n go but we need you to pick the bar up immediately after you drop it) and the cleans will also be hard because we are taxing your lungs with the 6 rounder.

You can do this! Talk with your coach about what weight you are shooting for and come up with a plan of weight jumps you want to hit during the work out. We’ll spend the first half of class figuring this out.

Have fun team!



2 comments for “Under Pressure!

  1. JoshMc says:

    WoD: 7:03 and then 139#

  2. Jon says:

    WoD: 7:56, then 175# (185# if we’re feeling generous—that was a lift/fail/lift)

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