rebound the bar

Nick | 11/05/2019 | 2

We’re still working on rebounding our dynamic barbell movements, and today brings us many chances to hone this skill.  Our strength work will have us rebounding our push press out of the front rack.  We’ll get to apply that practice to the same movement in the WOD.  We’ll also have power cleans from the hang in the WOD where we can work on that same idea – bouncing out of the hang (much like we did with snatches on Monday).  The squats will be the one movement that isn’t “touch and go”, but do keep them fast and tight.  The goal for this WOD is sub 8:00!


Push Press


touch and go


5 rounds

6 push press (95/65)

9 hang power cleans

12 front squats

2 comments for “rebound the bar

  1. Daniel S says:

    7:57 Rx

  2. Nadav says:

    Str: 115#
    WOD: 10:12 Rx
    this wod was more difficult than expected

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