Partner WOD

Nick | 11/11/2019 | 3

We’re going at it with a friend today – partitioning reps between us as needed for the thrusters and push ups and alternating reps with our sit ups.  Find a friend and get to work!

WOD: (partition reps with a partner)

6 rounds

20 thrusters (95/65)

30 hand release push ups

40 partner sit ups with medball toss (20/14)

3 comments for “Partner WOD

  1. JoshMc says:

    The key to Rx’ing this workout for me, given the total number of thrusters @ that weight….was to find the right partner. (Enter Dr. Dan!!).

    WoD: 24:46 Rx. Thruster (1:2ish ratio me to him); pushups (much closer to 1:1 ratio); situps (duh).

  2. BenB says:

    WoD: 25:14 (85#, 15 hrpu, 20# ball shared with 3 partners)

  3. Nadav says:

    WOD, with Heather 50:50: 25:18 @ 75#/65#, 14# WB
    It was just so bad for me, but Heather seemed to enjoy it!

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