Leg Day

Jenna Buckle | 02/12/2020 | 3

We’re officially in the second half of our 10-week strength cycle, and today we get to work the deadlift at 80-85% of our one-rep max for sets of 3. Brace up and drive through your legs to get that weight off the ground.

For the WOD, we’ve got a sprint of deadlifts and box jumps at the classic 21-15-9 rep scheme. Select a deadlift weight that you could hold onto unbroken, or with just one break in the rounds of 21 and 15. The box jumps are set a bit higher today, but find a steady rhythm and keep moving. This is a fast and furious WOD with a whole lotta leg burn!


Deadlifts @80-85% of 1-RM


Deadlifts (185/135)
Box jumps (30/24)

3 comments for “Leg Day

  1. JoshMc says:

    Str: 275#
    WoD: 5:40 @ 135# DL and 30 inch box jumps

  2. DANIEL S. says:

    STR: 295#
    WoD: 5:17 @135 and 30 in box jump.

  3. Nadav says:

    STR: 215#
    WOD: 6:47 @ 165# & 30”

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