Beautiful Friday for some SAFE Outside Work

Augie | 05/22/2020 |

Hey y’all! It’s the Friday before the Memorial Day Weekend and the weather is gorgeous, so let’s get outside safely and get some running in.
I know that Memorial Day is the CrossFit World’s big MURPH event, and to keep the spirit alive, I want to host a ZOOM Murph (Modified). I’ll put that in a separate post and put the ZOOM Link on the CFSV Shenanigans FaceBook Page. More to follow, now on with our regularly scheduled programming:

Today, spend some time warming up the legs with the the usual suspects:
30 – 60 seconds each
1) Calf Stretch R/L
2) Runners Stretch R/L
3) Pigeon Stretch R/L
4) Standing Quad Stretch R/L
For the Core / Mid-line:
1) Upward Dog
2) Downward Dog

For the warm up, run through this twice:
30 Jumping Jacks
10 Air Squats (FULL DEPTH!!)
5 Dive Bomber Push-Ups (I have always enjoyed these and if you don’t know: )
20 Mountain Climbers

Once that is done, you’ll be warmed up and mobilized for today’s WOD! Find a place outside where you can safely get in some wall walks and hollow rocks, then for time:

4 rounds:
400 m run*
3 wall walks
15 hollow rocks or bent-knee hollow rocks

*If you can’t calculate the exact distance, this is about 2 min of running.

*Running subs: 2 min of jumping jacks, high knees, or mountain climbers