This weeks WODs AND A PSA

Augie | 08/29/2022 |

Hey y’all! Just a quick check in to show the new organization for the KB’s and a reminder about the switches in the breaker box.

Breaker Box: Please only flip the light switches. The other day the breaker for the fridge out front was tripped by accident and that could be detrimental for the folks relying on the fridge for food for themselves and their families. Here is a helpful image 🙂

Green is good! Red, well, it’s wayyyy less good. Thank you.

Two: Nelly and Michael have been tripping over the KBs since they (yeah, they totally did it to themselves) organized it the way it was. So, they RE-organized it to be a bit less cumbersome. When you take a KB be sure to return it to the correct spot. Every time. Again, see useful image here:

Please return your kettlebells to the proper place

Now, the REAL reason you’re here! This week’s WODs
Monday: JT / Michael
: 1×5 deadlift add 5-10 lb
3 x MR strict pull-up
ME alt DB Snatch [50/35]
EMOM: 10 singles (rx+ dubs) score is # of snatches

Tuesday: JT / Nelly
: 5-5-5 Overhead Press
Add 2.5-5 lbs
7 pull-ups
5 burpee to target
3 wall walks
Time cap: 13 minutes

Wednesday: JT / Nelly
STR: 5-5-5 Back Squat
add 5 lbs
10 plate sit-ups (25/15)
15 plate G2O/plate snatch (25/15)
20 plate Russian twist (25/15)

Thursday: JT / Michael
STR: 3-3-3-3-3 Power Clean
Add 5 lbs
WOD: For time:
10-1 cal row
1-10 Double DB hang squat cleans (50/35)
1-10 L/R reverse DB front rack lunges