Schedule, COVID, and Construction News: week of 9/25/22

JT Scott | 09/26/2022 |

Hi team,

Y’all have certainly noticed by now that Prospect St is closed to remove the giant crane from the skyscraper next door. That closure is anticipate to last *at least* until Friday, so the only access to our parking lot would be from Newton St. Given that Newton St is only accessible from Webster at this moment, and also that the construction workers tend to park so densely that they block our parking lot completely, it would be a good idea to seek alternate parking if you are coming to the gym before 330pm or so. I got notified of this closure just this weekend, so it wasn’t a lot of advance notice – but we will pass along any updates as soon as we have them.

We also are looking to restart Saturday morning group workouts. There is a poll on the whiteboard – please put your name/initials on the time you prefer as we are trying to pick between 830am (before yoga) or `11 am (right after yoga) and your input is totally helpful.

This week is the final week of our 16-week Programming Cycle, which means we’ll be testing our 5RM on every one of the big lifts each day this week. Bring your A game and get ready to lift big, smash PRs, and have a good time!

Those of you who have been coming to evening classes have likely met our new coach, Ryan! He has a lot of history as a personal trainer as well as with coaching CrossFit classes in NYC, and seems like a real sweetheart, and I’m glad to have him on board. Starting next week, he’ll be taking a morning or two from me as well.

Finally, the Thursday morning and Friday all classes will be shifted to “Open Gym” times this week due to my personally testing positive for COVID today. (It took 2.5 years and the abdication of all public health precautions by our government at every level, but it finally happened.) I hope to recover quickly – and just had my omicron booster last week! – but there may be some coaching gaps until I recover or Michael returns from down south.

Stay safe, and I hope to see you soon! Next week starts our next big programming cycle, and it’s sure to be fun and productive.