At CFSV, your coaches know who you are.


JT Scott, Instructor

JT is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer who enjoys introducing new and formerly-untrained athletes to the prospect of unlocking their genetic potential. He is dedicated to the goal of maintaining CrossFit Somerville as a facility that provides access to life-changing fitness education and inspiration to all comers. In addition, he is a Biomedical and Electrical Engineer, Licensed Massage Therapist, anatomy nut, and chronic experimenter in new methods. He tends to handle many of the members nutritional planning and diet questions – having a lot of personal experience in these fields.

As the first CrossFit Affiliate in downtown Boston, JT founded CrossFit Fenway in 2009 and then CrossFit Somerville in 2011. He sold CrossFit Fenway in early 2016 to focus more on Somerville

JT’s passion is creating a welcoming environment at CFSV and motivating members to use conscious choice as a practice in their lives inside and outside of the training facility. His mission is to change the world.

Outside of CrossFit, JT is a queer activist, serves on the Founding Committee of Union Square Neighbors, and is a Director of Union Square Main Streets. He is also a (literal) fire-breather and fire-eater with the Boston Circus Guild, amongst his many other interests.


Nick Detar-Koch, Instructor

Growing up as a competitive swimmer, Nick took for granted the benefits of the lifestyle of an athlete. After college (a music school where there were no sports) he found himself feeling much less healthy than he thought someone in their mid-twenties should. He stumbled on CrossFit through dietary research he was doing as well as the search for more functional based fitness than he felt he was getting at the gym of the YMCA he worked at.

After following it a bit on his own (read: cherry-picking workouts off of, a friend told him a CrossFit gym was opening up in Union Square. He went to a free trial at CrossFit Somerville and never looked back.

Before becoming a CrossFit instructor Nick was the coach of a swim team of 120 kids from ages 5-18. He has a passion for learning how what we put in ourselves affects us physically, mentally and spiritually and loves finding new ways to build efficiency in the way we move.

Kirstie Young, Instructor

Kirstie was a collegiate rower who started her CrossFit journey under the tutelage of Kelly Starrett at CrossFit San Francisco many years ago. After moving to Boston in 2009, she joined the team at CrossFit Fenway and has been part of JT’s crew ever since. She loves helping people move better. In her own words:

I am a certified Level 2 Trainer and USA Weightlifting level 1 trainer. I am also a long time CrossFitter and rower and I enjoy spending my time as an amateur Olympic weightlifter. When I’m not at the gym I like to spend my time cooking and being crafty.

I love the constantly varied elements of Crossfit and the never ending options for WODs. The supportive community we’ve created makes working at Crossfit Somerville a wonderful place to coach and continue to my progress as an athlete.

Melaina Neisner (Mel), Instructor 

Mel joined CrossFit Somerville in 2015 as an athlete. After the first class she was completely humbled and completely hooked.

Mel joined the CrossFit Somerville team in late 2015 helping out with sales and administrative tasks, and joined the coaching team in 2017. She is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer as well as a USA Weightlifting level 1 trainer.

In her own words:
“I love everything about CrossFit! There’s never a dull moment, and there’s always something new to learn or improve upon. I am also a huge fan of the community (especially here at CFSV, although I am a little biased!).

CrossFit has given me an awesomely strong and functional body (which if I am being honest, is something I’ve never really had before, at least not to the extent of strength and functionality that I have now). I am really excited to continue my progress!

As a coach I am super jazzed about sharing what I have learned from CrossFit and helping people get stronger and healthier so they can keep chasing those CrossFit numbers as well as have every advantage outside of the gym.”