Presses, Pistols, and Squats

Brian Hack | 10/03/2012 | 9

Update from JT: The Union Square Revitalization Plan was approved Tuesday night by a vote of 7-3. Aldermen Tom Taylor (Ward 3), Rebekah Gewirtz (Ward 6), and William White (At-Large) voted against the plan on the basis that it was too large in scope and threatened too many businesses – including our home – with eminent domain seizure. These aldermen have my thanks for supporting us and speaking for us in the committee and aldermanic chambers, and I will remind you of their names in November 2013.

With that said, we also welcome the Mayor’s vision of a Green Line station in a revitalized Union Square and continue to remain committed to being the leading edge of redevelopment in the Square. With Mayor Joe Curtatone’s personal assurance of our continued presence in the square and the support of his administration’s planning department I have high hopes that the city will make this process easy for everyone, and allow it to proceed in an organic (non-coercive) fashion.

Thank you for all of your help and input during this process. Now that the “endless public meetings” part of this is over, I will be getting to the long list of suggestions you’ve provided and start incorporating them into our current operations and plans for the future. I am grateful for this process if only because it called us all to realize what is special about CFSV and how we can help it reach its maximum potential… and because it allowed me to hear and see you all even more clearly.

I am grateful to know you all. You and I are part of something extraordinary growing here in Union Square, and this neighborhood will be changed by our presence for years to come. Our next phase begins now.

Upcoming CFSV Events:

TONIGHT, Thursday Oct 4

Thursday 8:30pm to 11pm at CrossFit Somerville: HONK Festival comes to Union Square! Because of the forecasted rain, CrossFit Somerville has volunteered to be the indoor performance venue in the event of downpours. So stick around after the WOD (or come back after dinner) and enjoy these eclectic, high energy bands performing on our very own rubber mats!

TOMORROW, Friday October 5

Friday 7pm at Veterans Memorial Rink, 570 Somerville Ave: The Somerville Police Department versus the Boston Bruins! CFSV’s own Mike Holland will be on the ice for the Blue, facing off against almuni from the Black And Gold. The charity game benefits the Somerville Police Relief Association and the Somerville Police Employees Association. Event starts at 6:30pm, puck drops at 7pm sharp. (Door donation is $5, raffles available.)



Press 4-4-4-4



5 rounds:

4 Pistols

8 Burpees

12 Overhead Squats (75/55)

9 comments for “Presses, Pistols, and Squats

  1. Shorty says:

    Press: 115#. Thought this was my 3 rep max, but it’s my 5 rep max. Should have gone for 120#.

    WOD: 9:08 Rx
    Already sore from pistols. Ay.
    Awesome job as always 5:30am.

  2. Cal says:

    press: 70#, which was easy today. then 75# didn’t move at all. YES! (1# plates request!!!!!!)

    wod: 9:28 Rx. overhead squats were my limiting factor today. i thought i was going to be able to go unbroken, but sets 3 and 4 i broke up into 9/3 and 6/6 and i lost my lead over james. DAMN.

    also, think my dad and i (and james?) are going to the charity hockey game tomorrow night! go mike!

  3. Ben S says:

    press: 140# (thanks, Mandy, for reminding me we have 2.5# plates)
    wod: 8:17 w/ red banded pistols. maybe someday, somehow, we could have a wod with real pistols…I’d rx the sh*t out of that.

  4. Angie says:

    Press 65#
    WOD: 10:55; I never thought I’d do a workout where I thought burpees were the easy part!! I guess I have very inflexible shoulders; overhead squats were killer!! First time I did pistols. Liked them in a sick way!

  5. Erin B says:

    Are these strict presses?

  6. damien says:

    Press: 125#

    WOD: 10:04 Rx, My legs tired out way faster than I expected on the squats. Still a fan of the pistols though.

  7. smschoenfeld says:

    Press: 115#

    WOD: 11:56 Rx, this WOD blasted my quads (ha just realized that rhymed)

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