September Newsletter

JT Scott | 09/24/2014 |

Fall is here! September has been a busy month, we’re all back from Summer vacations, and we’re getting close to the end of our “Percentages” strength volume cycle and approaching the start of a new cycle. There’s a lot of exciting things happening in and around CFSV and the larger community and we want to let you know all about them.

    • Cambridge 5k Oktoberfest October 5
    • CFSV Closed Monday October 13 for Indigenous People’s Day
    • Urban Agriculture Update + Work Party and Potluck
    • After School Tutoring
    • Community Cooks
    • Website Redevelopment
    • Your Input: Community Involvement


Cambridge 5k Oktoberfest October 5

Tristann Naumann is captaining a team for CFSV for the Cambridge Oktoberfest 5k.  The race will run through Cambridge on October 5, followed by an Oktoberfest-themed after party sponsored by the Cambridge Brewing Company. It sounds like a fun time! If you’d like to get in on the action, register for the race and send us a note to let us know that you’re planning to join up.

 Check out the race website and register here:

CFSV Closed October 13

CrossFit Somerville will be closed on Monday, October 13 for Indigenous People’s Day (some of you might know this is Columbus Day).  The gym will be closed for regular classes on this day, but stay tuned to the blog as the day approaches… it’s not uncommon for one of your coaches to open up the box for some open gym time during holidays, and if we just can’t stay away for a day we’ll be sure to post it up and let y’all know.

Fall 2014 Programming Notes

We are currently several weeks into a 6 week cycle that is focusing on getting more volume in at weights closer to our maxes for our big lifts.  This means you’ve been seeing a lot of “sets across” strength work.  For some of you, we’ll be asking you to sit at a percentage of your current max across all working sets.  For others (especially those who are just getting used to these lifts), you’ll be asked to work up to your previous max and stay there for all of our work sets.  Work with your coach to help find what’s right for you.  The point here is once we truly know our limits, we’ll achieve faster and stronger adaptations to our training by spending more time close to them.

If you are interested in reading more about 5×5 training and the purpose of heavy sets across, check out this article (and others) from legendary strength coach and author of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe:

For our next two cycles that will take us through the end of 2014, your coaches are already starting to collaborate on designing the program. We’ll be talking in more detail about it in the blog as we get closer in a few weeks, but we’ll be working on your foundational bodyweight movements (push-ups, dips, pull-ups, etc) combined with well-rounded barbell programming to continue making strength gains after all this volume work has pushed some of you past your plateaus. The goal of all of it will be to build towards our holiday season, where (believe it or not!) we’ve already got some treats planned to keep you motivated and focused throughout that difficult stretch from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Yeah, we really do think that far in advance about programming… because we love this job, and because we care about you.

CFSV Community Projects

Urban Agriculture Update

Our first year of Somerville farming experimentation is coming to a close, and I’d say it’s been a huge success.  We’ve collected over 250 eggs from our chickens so far, and over 60 bags worth of salad greens and vegetables.  Our bees weren’t able to produce enough honey for us to harvest any this year, but the hive looks healthy and is in a good place to start the winter.

For those who have been involved with this project and given their time to take care of the gardens and chickens, all I can say is thank you… and congratulations!  This couldn’t have happened without your hard work and dedication.  For those newer to CrossFit Somerville or unfamiliar with the Urban Agriculture project, it’s never too late to get involved! Just send us an email and we’ll get you into the mix.

And for just one little extra bit of fun: Somerville Neighborhood News came over and shot a short segment for SCATV. It aired last night, and you can see it here by clicking on this link!

Work Party: Sunday September 28, 11am

On this Sunday, September 28, we will be holding a work party to put the garden beds to rest for the season.  We will also need to winterize the chicken coop and clean up a few other things around the CrossFit Somerville yard.  If you are available, please come by at 11am for a small work party; with enough help it should only take a couple of hours to prep everything for fall and winter. Any friends are family are welcome.

After the work is done, we would love if people were able to stick around for a short debrief on the Urban Agriculture project as a whole.  This year was our first whack at this and we are eager for your feedback for next year. Let’s crack open some drinks and have an informal discussion to reflect on this year, get feedback, and brainstorm as a group our hopes and dreams for next year.

Please email if you are able to attend the work party.

Potluck: Sunday September 28, 5:30pm

Later on that same day, Talia Arnow will be hosting a potluck at her house to celebrate a successful Urban Agriculture season.  In the spirit of local fall harvest, please bring a dish that embodies those things for you.  All CrossFit Somerville members are welcome, not just those who participated in the Urban Ag project!

Date: Sunday September 28th
Time: 5:30pm
Location: 58 Pleasant Street, Cambridgeport (Talia’s House)
Carpool or ride bikes with friends!

Brian and Talia really like planning things and knowing how many to expect, so they ask that you fill in the spreadsheet here if you are able to attend.

September 28 Potluck

After School Academic Support Program

Lanie is putting out the call for people to support her really cool after-school program to help kids at her school in Cambridge. This is exactly the kind of community project that I love to help out, so I’m excited to help spread the word. Here’s her description of what’s going down:

Volunteers Needed!!

I am looking for at least three volunteers to help out in my after school program. My name is Marlena Montanez and I teach math at Vassal Lane Upper School located at 197 Vassal Lane Cambridge. I have been teaching for 11 years and in my experience strong after school programs make a huge difference in student success, therefore I have been working to develop an in house academic support program for 8th graders at my school.

The commitment would be one day a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) from 3:00pm-4:30pm. You would be working under the guidance of one 8th grade teacher to support 8th grade students who choose to stay after school to complete assignments or receive help.  Your help could include: helping students organize and prioritize their homework assignments, work through an assignment by asking thoughtful questions or helping students utilize their resources appropriately, proofing/editing work or just listening to them work their ideas out aloud. Our school has a large English as a second language program and very frequently you are helping these students understand assignment directions or text.  If you feel comfortable, it could also include working with students who are required to complete behavior reflections (this is normally done by the teacher, but if you are interested in more behavior work, this is an option).

Don’t worry about having experience, I speak ahead with all volunteer candidates to see if it is a good match and to offer training. Volunteers will be required to have a CORI check.

If this work interest you please email me at

 Community Cooks

Community Cooks is an organization that helps to coordinate groups of volunteers to cook hot, healthy meals for local community homes and shelters.  The CrossFit Somerville Community Cooks group has been going strong for 6 months now, cooking meals first for the Windsor House in Somerville and now for the Ruby Rogers Center, a recovery center for adults with mental disabilities in Union Square.

Each month, 3 members of the group are responsible for cooking a hot, healthy meal to be delivered on the second Friday in time for lunch.  Time commitment is minimal and can be worked around your schedule.  If you are interested in joining this group or hearing more, email

Website Redevelopment

The CrossFit Somerville website is in the planning phases for a major redevelopment.  We want to show the world, and people thinking about joining our community, all of the amazing things that we are achieving.  We also want the website to be a place where people can be inspired by their fellow gym members and also amazing things that are out there in the world in fitness/movement/nutrition/you name it!

Share with us what you want to see as a part of the new CrossFit Somerville website.  What are you most proud of about CrossFit Somerville?  What members of the community inspire you on a daily basis?  What websites or articles are you reading to add to your wellness knowledge base?  Share any and all thoughts/ideas with us at

Your Input: Community Involvement

As you can probably tell, we do a lot! CrossFit Somerville is a place where community members come together to do some pretty awesome things. Do you have ideas for ways that Crossfit Somerville can improve? Are there specific programs or seminars that you would like us to offer? Do you have ideas for volunteering opportunities, projects, group trips, or social events?

If you are passionate about making something happen, we will work with you to find the resources to make it a reality.  Contact to start making the most of your CFSV experience!

Future Newsletters

Now that you’ve read what we had to tell you about, tell us what YOU would like to read about!  In addition to announcements about events happening at CFSV and schedule updates, what would interest you in a monthly update from your Coaches?  Tell us what you think and why!  Email with ideas and suggestions.