Pieces of the Puzzle

JT Scott | 09/06/2023 |

I love the squat clean. It’s a highly technical movement but fundamentally a simple concept: jump some weight up and then drop underneath to catch it. For those of you who are already familiar with Squat Cleans, we’ll have plenty of time today (and for the next few months) to really dig into your technique and unleash the potential you already have. For those of you who might be doing your first olympic lifts today, we will leave the technique a bit aside and just try to help you reach a basic understanding of how the pieces fit together.

Either way, let’s go hard and get a number on record so we can work towards beating it in a few months.

The squat clean breaks down into a lot of assistance exercises and basic fundamental strength and flexibility requirements that we’ll be working on over the course of this cycle in order to build a strong foundation for progress. You can’t fully solve a puzzle without all the pieces, and wherever your squat clean breaks down today will be a good hint as to what piece of technique or mobility you’ll need to find to make that progress happen.

TEST: 1RM Squat Clean

Wall Balls 20/14
Box Jumps 24/20

Rx+: GHD Situps, or our clever improvised version thereof