Building On Our Practice

JT Scott | 09/17/2023 |

With our cycle focusing on the Squat Clean, we’re building it up a few different ways. First, we’re working with assistance exercises that will increase your overall capacity at the top end – front squats and such. Second, we’re breaking down the movement and drilling pieces of it at lower weights to “grease the groove” and build good movement patterns to help you access that full capacity with strong technique.

Today, we’re going back a few weeks in to work on it a third way: by trying to put together the results of some of that practice at a heavy load to see if that practice has added up to more skill at heavier weights. Let’s build on our practice – today the emphasis is definitely on the strength work, but we’ll leave you with a nice AMRAP to give you a good sweat.

Squat Clean
Build to a heavy triple

12/10 Calorie Row
20 Double Unders
20 Sit-Ups