Get On Up

JT Scott | 02/07/2024 |

You’ll see Turkish Get Ups in our programming here more often than at many other boxes, just because of how much I love the darn thing as a whole-body training tool. But that said, we don’t often put it into the metcon. Today, the good old Turkish Get Up is part of our high-speed portion of the day, but that doesn’t mean you can rush it or get sloppy in the form as you do them. We’ll use a challenging yet manageable load today, and take plenty of time to get it right before starting the WOD. Remember: slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

4 sets
7 single-arm KB swings/arm (eye level)
– Build load across sets

Calorie row
– Complete 2 KB Turkish get-ups/arm after each set (35/53#)